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How To Get Surfboard Hoverboard In Pet Simulator X

The Surfboard Hoverboard will not give you good speed but will surely make your character look cool.

Many players are after the Surfboard Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X. This hoverboard only has 2 speeds but looks pretty cool. However, to unlock it for free you’ll have to grind a little. But it won’t be an issue if you are a veteran player. For those who are unaware, this hoverboard was introduced in the Summer Event. If you’re not familiar with the requirements to unlock the Surfboard Hoverboard, then below you find all the details you need.

How to Unlock Surfboard Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X

In Pet Simulator X, to get the Surfboard Hoverboard for free unlock the 92 tier by progressing in the Summer Event. That can be done by completing the event daily task. Unfortunately, the event is not live at the moment, but don’t worry it is speculated that it might return to the game soon. That’s because Summer Event gained huge popularity in a short period of time. It was started on June 10th, 2023, and lasted till July 22nd, 2023. But if you can’t wait for the event to arrive, then you can also buy the Surfboard Hoverboard by using Robux.
How to Unlock and buy Surfboard Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X

  1. To buy Surfboard Hoverboard first launch the game.
  2. Next, click on the Hoverboard icon on the right side of your screen or press Q on your keyboard.
  3. After that, again press the small keyboard that appeared.
  4. Then, pay 250 Robux and you’ll be good to go.

However, we still recommend you wait for the event to arrive rather than using your Robux. The event daily quests are pretty easy to complete and according to us, it won’t take that long to reach the required tier.

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This is all you need to know about how to unlock or buy Surfboard Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X. If you’re running low on Diamonds then check out the best ways to farm Gems in the game. Also, take a look at the Pet Simulator X Codes to redeem free rewards.