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Best Ways To Get Pets In Pet Simulator X Via Trading

What are the best ways to get pets in Pet Simulator X via trading? Find out here.

Pet Simulator X is one of the most popular games on Roblox right now. And the aspect that many players love is trading. While there are events that may require you to unlock and hatch special eggs, some might be obtained via trading. If you are confused about how to make this happen, here’s how to get pets in Pet Sim X via trading.

How to Get Pets in Pet Simulator X via Trading?


There are two ways to trade pets in Pet Sim X. If you are focused on getting a certain event-specific pet, you must hurry because the event might get over pretty quickly.

  • Use the Trading Plaza.
  • Join a Discord server.

How to Use the Trading Plaza


  • Go to the Spawn World and make your way to the Trading Plaza.
  • It’s located in the area where there are quite a lot of eggs lined up. Take the stairs on the right and go up. You will see a gate that’s locked.
  • Interact with it and you’ll come across the message “Do you want to unlock the Trading Plaza for 1,000,000 Diamonds?”
  • If you have the number of diamonds, click on Yes and unlock it. If not, you will have to wait until you farm more of them. Players can also purchase it with Robux.
  • Once inside, find someone who may have the pet and ask them for the price via chat.
  • Open the Trading menu, find the Roblox name of the player and send a Trading request. Select your Offer and click on Ready.

Join a Discord Server

big games community discord for trading


Since trading with players depends on various factors including luck, what you can do to increase your chances is join the official BIG Games community on Discord. That is where you will find fellow players who are willing to trade their pets and have fun together. On the server, you will find people asking to pay in-game currency for a certain pet and if the pet is in high demand, the prices will reflect that.

Note that before using the server, you will be asked to verify yourself, and only then will you be able to access it. But the steps are simple, all you have to do is authorize your Roblox account with Discord using the RoVer bot. Once done, you can check out the Trading channels and make your decision regarding what you wish to trade for the specific pet in Pet Sim X.

Apart from this one, there are other Discord servers made by YouTubers who stream Pet Sim X, so if you prefer those, go ahead and join them too!


That’s all for this one. In case you need some more help with Pet Sim X, we’ve got quite a few guides for you. For example, here’s a guide on the Mystery Merchant Spawn Times & Location.