How To Get Gems In Pet Simulator X Fast (2024)

Guide on how to farm and get Diamonds/Gems in Pet Sim X.

Diamonds are a currency that you need to earn slowly and steadily in this game. You will be able to see how many Diamonds you have on the right side of the screen. But how to get Diamonds or Gems fast in Pet Simulator X? There are a few ways to speed up your process. Let’s find out more about these methods and also how to use this currency.

How to Get Diamonds in Pet Simulator X Quickly

The fastest ways to get diamonds are by using codes, trading and buying them from the Exclusive Shop. The other methods to obtain gems are from chests, boxes and gem piles.

How to Use Codes to Get Gems

how to use codes to get gems fast

You can bookmark our article on Pet Sim X Codes to get all the latest codes that you can enter and use. All you have to do to redeem them is to click on the Pet icon which is present at the bottom. Scroll to the end of the Exclusive Shop to redeem Twitter Codes. If you type in a code that is supposed to give you free Gems, go ahead and use it.

Using the Exclusive Shop

how to get diamonds pet simulator x fast

Want instant diamonds? You can get them fast by spending your Robux. Once you have clicked on the Pet icon and selected the Star icon, you will see the prices. There will be a best value option as well as large, medium, tiny etc. Based on how many Gems you want, you can spend that among of Robux and get them right away.


You can also trade pets with other players to get Gems. Here’s how to go about trading in Pet Sim X.

Other Ways to Farm Gems in Pet Simulator X

Apart from all of these ways, make sure to break the crates, presents and open up chests to get Diamonds. If you spot a Diamond pile, which is rare, go ahead and get Diamonds from there as well. Lastly, you can get Diamonds when you level up your character.

How to Use Diamonds

Players can use diamonds to upgrade. You can level up your character as well as your pets. You can also fuse pets and turn pets Gold with Gems.

That’s everything about how to get Diamonds in Pet Simulator X fast as well as the slower ways to farm Gems. While you are here, don’t forget to check out how to get the Pogchamp achievement, how to open the Forsaken Gate, how the ranking works.