Roblox Pet Simulator X Ranking Guide – How the Ranks Works?

Here is how rank works in Pet Simulator X and also learn how to level up faster in Pet Simulator X.

Ranking in Pet Simulator X can be tricky to understand at the start. Relax, I am going to share a lot of details on how really the Pet Simulator X Tier system work. What will be your base rank as you start and how to level up to rank in Pet Simulator X. It is a Roblox game where you can grab coins and diamonds to buy eggs. These eggs hatch into cute or sometimes scary pets. Every egg has the potential to reward you with cool pets. You can expect from cute little puppies to powerful dragons from them. Pet Simulator Ranks decide what type of pet you can unlock in the game. Climbing higher on the tier system will unlock new rewards, grab you more money, and unlock unique eggs.

How Ranking works in Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X Ranking System

There are 11 different ranks in the game, they are listed below. You can rank up while playing up the game, you will earn more rewards and coins as you progress and unlock new pets. The objective here is to sell pets to get more coins so that you can level up your favorite pet. Below you can see the gems amount requirement to level up. You have to keep on collecting them including the diamonds also. So leveling up is done by collecting gems and coins. There is a reward chest the unlocks when you level up and it comes with a reset timer. For example, you can collect the same reward in a gap of five hours. But if you level up at four hours thirty minutes the clock resets and you have to grind again.

  1. Noob
  2. Starter
  3. Basic – 2500 Gems
  4. Pro – 4000 Gems
  5. Elite – 6500 Gems
  6. Hero – 8000 Gems
  7. Champion – 12500 Gems
  8. Master – 16500 Gems
  9. Legend – 25,000
  10. Immortal – 35,000
  11. Godlike – 50,000

When you Rank Up in Pet Simulator X you will unlock new powerful Boost and Gems. For example, if you are on God-Like Rank you can earn ULTRA Lucky Boost that last 10 minutes and cost 399 Robux. You can get multiple boosts, another one is Triple Coins that last 20 minutes and cost 199 Robux. Make sure you have turned on notification from the settings so that whenever you level up it will be displayed on the screen. Leveling Up also unlocks rewards, you can claim that every 4 hours by vising the giant treasure chest. Here is the list of the entire Pet Simulator X Ranks.

You will start ranking up by collecting gems and diamonds. This is where you will level up from Noob to Basic or even Pro or Elite. You can use the coins to buy eggs. There are random pets that spawn out of the egg sometimes you might get a Unicorn or you can hang out with a puppy. This is how Ranking works in Roblox Pet Simulator X.