How To Get Steel In The Survival Game (Farming Guide)

Why use Iron armor & weapons, when you can make the Steel ones in Roblox The Survival Game.

You’re not alone, many players out there are looking for ways to farm Steel in Roblox The Survival Game. That’s because this is 3rd most valuable material you can get. That can be further used to craft strong armor, powerful weapons & more. However, you just can’t find this item anywhere, as it’s not available on the map. The only way to get it is by combining other crafting materials available in the game. And below you’ll find all the items you need to craft Steel easily.

How to Craft Steel in Roblox The Survival Game

How to Craft Steel in The Survival Game
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To craft Steel in The Survival Game, you’ll need to find 5x Coal & 10x Iron Ores. Once you have all the ingredients, simply head to the Steel Smelter and that’ll get you going. This may sound easy but isn’t, the difficult part is finding the crafting materials in the first place. Unlike Coal, you won’t be able to get your hands on Iron Ore easily. According to many players, it usually appears to be spawning in the mountain caves. The trick is to enter a cave and look for an opening blocked by a huge boulder. Once you find it, simply use your Pickaxe to destroy it and behind the boulder, you’ll find a good amount of Iron Ore.

How To Get Steel In The Survival Game (Farming Guide) best place to farm
Source Image: NoobBlox

The Best place to look for Iron Ore is the island guarded by 2 huge broken statues. There on the left-hand side, you’ll see a small cave that is blocked by the same boulder mentioned above. After you have enough Coal & Iron Ore, you’re going to need the Steel Smelter to craft Steel in The Survival Game. If you haven’t crafted this crafting station yet, then you can unlock its blueprints by first making a Copper Smelter & Iron Forge. Players will need 4x Shingles, 4x Iron Nails, 6x Wooden Planks, and 10x Bricks to craft a Steel Smelter.

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That is everything about how to craft & farm Steel in Roblox The Survival Game. If you don’t haven’t unlocked the Ballista yet, then check out how you can craft it. Also, take a look at The Survival Game Codes to get free rewards.