Best Survival Games To Play On Roblox (2024)

Here are the best survival games on Roblox that you should check out.

Roblox is a platform where players get to do almost anything that they want to. There’s a game for everyone to play here. From dress-up and simulation games to mystery and horror, Roblox has it all. Play Roblox games to have fun or brush up on your skills. Some games that help with the latter are survival ones. Here are the best survival games to play on Roblox.

Top 5 Best Survival Games to Play on Roblox

Top 5 Best Survival Games to Play on Roblox

Here are the top five survival games that you must play on Roblox.

Natural Disaster Survival

Roblox Natural Disaster Survival

You will never know what disaster you’re going to face in this game. Whether it’s earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, or meteor showers, can you make it to the end? Surviving this game is both fun and exciting as you try to figure out the huge maps and try to get to safety. Fight against the elements as you try to survive a new map every time that you play this Roblox game to your best abilities. Avoiding calamities has never been more difficult than this.

Those Who Remain

Roblox Those Who Remain

A survival game that doubles as a horror one as well. Those Who Remain has you face different kinds of zombies that you must fight against. There are different types of maps that you can choose to play on to keep from getting bored in the game as well. Use three weapons and three grenades to go after these zombies. But are these enough to keep you alive after you combat the 15 Zombie waves or will you too join the walking dead? It’s time to play to find out.

Booga Booga

Roblox Booga Booga

Here is a multiplayer survival game where players must survive in a tribe together instead of alone. Attack other tribes, gather resources, and build your own Minecraft-like shelter to try and keep safe. It is easier said than done. In this game, the real danger is not from the game but from the other players that play with you. Try to stay alive as long as you can before other tribes come to send you to the underworld and take your resources on the way.


Roblox Blacklands

On the Blacklands island, you must survive against bandits and radiation. Fight back against killer thieves in the game to get rid of them before they end you and take everything that you own. You can choose between Battle Royale and Arcade modes in this Roblox survival game to make it more fun as you go. The best way to ensure safety and some relief from the enemies all around is by playing multiplayer. So gather riches and work together with new friends or old ones to win the rewards that the game offers.

State of Anarchy

Roblox State of Anarchy

Eliminate players before they can eliminate you, this is the main objective of this survival game. Play solo or gather a couple of friends that you can play multiplayer within this game. Can you get your own weapons and explosives to kill everyone before they get to you first? Or will you end up as their prey? This game never gets boring as you get to discover a different map every time that you get used to one. With how large each map is, that too is a task as you won’t get everywhere without being a great player. So what are you waiting for? Grab your weaponry and join the anarchy.

These were my recommendations for the best Roblox survival games that you should play today. If you want codes for your favorite games then check out these Roblox codes guides.