How To Craft Ballista In The Survival Game (Steps Guide)

Ballista will take care of the enemies & mobs approaching your home in The Survival Game.

Players should unlock & craft the Ballista as soon as they get the chance to in Roblox The Survival Game. As it is one of the best weapons you can get to defend your castle in the early stages. Ballista has a 60 Damage and can be placed just like any other structure. It can not only kill the mobs but also the players trying to approach your home. As a downside, this ranged weapon is a little slow and only shoots one bolt per shot. But if you’re still looking forward to adding Ballista to your collection, then check out the materials you need to make it in TSG.

How to Unlock Ballista in Roblox The Survival Game

How To Craft Ballista In The Survival Game (Steps Guide) use ammo to craft
Source Image: Ronjatt

In Roblox The Survival Game, the Ballista is unlocked after you have access to Castle Wall. And once you have the weapon blueprints unlocked you’ll need items like 10x Wood Planks, 10x Rope, and 6x Wooden Rod. If you already have these items in your inventory, simply grab your Hammer and give the weapon a Placement. After doing that, you just have to craft the ammo for the Ballista and mount it to shoot. For those who are unaware, players can only fire Ballista Bolts by using this weapon.

To craft a Ballista Bolt in Roblox TSG, you’ll need 2x Iron and the Steel Smelter to complete the crafting process. If you don’t have Iron on you, then you’ll just need to mine some Iron Ore and that’ll get you going. The Bolt has a 1 Damage but can do 60 Damage when fired. Moreover, firing a Bolt out of Ballista for the first time will get you the Machine of War Badge.

That covers everything about how you can craft & use the Ballista in Roblox The Survival Game easily. If you’re looking for some freebies, then check out this list of TSG Redeem Codes to get free rewards. Also, take a look at the other Best Survival Games to play on Roblox.