Blade Ball: How To Get Slash Of Duality (V1 And V2)

Interested in trying out Slash of Duality ability in Blade Ball? Well, here are both the free method to try it out and the actual way you can use it in the game.

Abilities give players an edge over the others by giving them a special power. One of the broken abilities that many want to get is Slash of Duality in Blade Ball. It has two modes known as V1 and V2. Where the former is available as soon as you unlock it and it comes with two skills. The latter adds an additional skill which is a fusion of the two. So here is everything you should know about how all three skills, work, and how you can use them.

How to Get Slash of Duality in Blade Ball

How To Get Slash Of Duality In Blade Ball
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. How you can unlock Slash of Duality in Blade Ball.

You need to collect all Eternal items in order to get Slash of Duality in Blade Ball. That means what you need includes:

  • LightWalker Sword
  • Shadow Fang Sword
  • Infinity Ability

After you have all 3 you will unlock Slash of Duality. You need to perform Eternal spins for it.

  1. Launch Blade Ball.
  2. Go to the Eternal Spins corner. It is next to the Most Wins leaderboard and opposite from where you change the game modes.
  3. Start with the basic raffle and enter the epic raffle.
  4. You need to spend souls or Robux for it. If you are short on them you can buy them for Robux.

How To Try Slash of Duality for Free

How To Try Slash Of Duality In Blade Ball For Free
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Free method to try out Slash of Duality.
  1. Go to Server Selection.
  2. Choose Training Mode.
  3. Here, select Single Player.
  4. Enter a Room Name.
  5. Click on the Create button.
  6. Next, click on the Skills Skins button.
  7. Finally, scroll down and choose Slash of Duality.

How to Use Slash of Duality Skills

You need to target a player before you can use these skills. Here is what each of them does:

  • Dark: It makes the ball that is targeting the opponent to then turn invisible. The ball then retargets the selected player.
  • Light: It makes the ball that is targeting the opponent charge at them at a faster pace.
  • Dual: This skill is a combination of both of the above skills as it turns the ball invisible and charges at the opponent.

With that, you now know everything about Slash of Duality. If this ability didn’t work out for you then worry not as the game has plenty more, you can check out how to get Singularity, Martyrdom, and Calming Deflection.