Pokemon GO Find & Catch Shiny Charmander

Trying to get your hands on a Shiny Charmander in Pokemon GO? Check out this guide to learn how you can get one.

Shiny Charmander evolves into one of the coolest shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. And that Pokemon is a Shiny Charizard. But as you might expect, shiny Pokemon aren’t easy to catch because of their low spawn rate. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch one at all. In fact, if your timing is right you can catch multiple of them quite easily. So in this guide let us take a look at how to find and catch a Shiny Charmander in Pokemon GO.

How to Find and Catch a Shiny Charmander in Pokemon GO

pokemon go get shiny charmander

Your best bet to catch a shiny Charmander is to wait for a Charmander Community day. During Community day the encounters of Charmander will increase, so more spawns mean more chances of you encountering a shiny. Follow the below Strategy to catch more Charmander.

  1. The first thing you need to do is find a place that has clustered Pokestops. This will allow you to spin them for Pokeballs frequently and will also help with the below steps.
  2. Next, use your Lure Modules on these Pokestops, this will cause them to spawn more Pokemon that will most likely be Charmander. Lure Module causes more wild Pokemon to spawn near a Pokestop.
  3. And while you are using Lure Modules you should also use Incense. An Incense will attract more wild Pokemon to the trainer.
  4. Another thing you shouldn’t forget about is having an abundance of Pokeballs. This will ensure that when you encounter a Shiny you catch them, by not running out of Pokeballs.

Use the above strategy on a Charmander Community and you will have more Charmander than you can count. If there isn’t a Community Day you can still use the above strategy on a clear or sunny day or if you live in a place that has a dry climate. As more Fire-type Pokemon spawn in such conditions.

One last way for you to get a Shiny Charmander is by catching it in a raid. But that will also come down to luck as the Charmander spawned in the raid should be a Shiny one.

The biggest factor for getting a Shiny Charmander in Pokemon Go is luck. As sad as it is, it still comes down to the spawn rate of Charmander. But if you do the above things you will increase your chances of finding and catching a Shiny Charmander.

How to Get a Shiny Charizard

There are two ways to get a Shiny Charizard.

The first is encountering one, but this isn’t very reliable as it depends hugely on luck. The second is to catch a Shiny Charmander and evolve it using 125 Charmander candies.

That sums up everything you need to know about getting a Shiny Charmander in Pokemon GO. Since you love playing this game don’t miss our guides on how to get Abomasnow Mega energy and how to get the Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon GO.