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How To Get Schrift In Type Soul

Want better abilities as a Quincy in Type Soul? You should unlock Schrift.

What Shikai offers to Soul Reapers, Quincies can get from Schrift in Type Soul. Both of these are important powers for their respective classes. In the main series, Yhwach grants this power to the most powerful Quincy, and adds them to his Sternritter. And similar to the series, instead of an NPC you need to earn this power from a statue.

How to Get Schrift in Type Soul (Quincy Ability)

Type Soul Unlock Quincy Schrift and all types
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To unlock Schrift you have to kill several Players, and NPCs without dying. The not dying part makes it hard because if you die, you have to start all over again. The actual process is as follows:

  1. Go to the top of the Wandenreich castle.
  2. Talk to Balance and this NPC will ask you if you want to return to your origins.
  3. Choose yes and you will be teleported to the statue where you became a Quincy.
    • In case the NPC didn’t ask you this question, that means you are under-leveled. Rank up your character and talk to Balance again. Just complete the Quincy board missions and you will get enough Exp to rank up from Grade 5 to Semi-Grade 1.
  4. Talk to the statue and it will say “Letters are designated to the worthy. Display yourself in a real battle.”
  5. Choose the “I will.” option here.
  6. The game will now flash a bunch of text like “Fishbone is your poison”, “Our war with Shinigami is not over”, and more. These are your clues for the things you need to kill. To be precise you need to defeat:
    • Soul Reaper: 5
    • Arrancar: 5
    • Menos: 5
    • Fishbone: 15
    • Adjucha: 2
  7. In case you haven’t killed enough, the statue will prompt you with what enemies you are left to clear. Sadly, it won’t tell you how many of those enemies you still need to defeat.
  8. Go back to the statue after defeating them all and you will unlock Schrift in Type Soul.

All Schrifts in Type Soul

  • Legendary
    • Miracle
  • Common
    • Heat
    • Wind

That’s all there is to get Schrift, but your journey isn’t over here. The next thing as a Quincy that you must do is to get Voltstanding. If you find both these abilities underwhelming then you should use a Soul Ticket to change your race. I suggest you head over to our Type Soul section to get help with other such topics for this game.

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