Splatoon 3: How To Get School Uniform

Check out how to get School Uniform and other gears in Splatoon 3 easily.

The wait is finally over, Splatoon 3 is out now and available to play on Nintendo Switch. If you’re a fan of the Splatoon series, then we have a piece of good news for you. Now the players of Splatoon & Splatoon 2 will be rewarded with exclusive School Gear rewards in the game. These gear also include a classic School Uniform reward. If you’re also looking for the School Uniform in Splatoon 3, then we’ll help you obtain it. So without any further ado let’s dive into the steps to get it.

How to Get School Gear in Splatoon 3?

To get the School Gear & classic Uniform in Splatoon 3, you’ll need to scan your Splatoon & Splatoon 2 Ink girl Amiibo Figures. If you’re unaware of the scanning process then here’s how you can do it.

  • First, launch the Splatoon 3 game.
  • Then, head to the Splatsville central lobby.
  • Once you reach there, go to the spawn location and look for the Amiibo Box.
  • As soon as you see it, simply interact with it and scan your Ink girl figures.

This is how you can scan and get your School uniform and other gear in Splatoon 3. For your reference, we’ve mentioned the list of equipment the figures gift in the article below.

How To Get School Uniform Splatoon 3

  • Ink Girl from Splatoon will gift you.
    • School Unifrom
    • Base School Shoes
    • School Hairclip
  • Ink Girl from Splatoon 2 will gift you
    • Squid Clip Ons
    • Fringed Loafers
    • School Cardigan

The rewards might differ but you’ll surely get the school-themed gear in the game. However, those who don’t have the Ink girl figurines yet, then they will first need to buy the figures in the game. After that, they can scan and get the exclusive School Uniform in Splatoon 3. With all that said, this is everything you need to know about how to get school gear in the game. While you’re here take a look at how to get more Emotes in Splatoon 3.