Splatoon 3: How To Get More Emotes

Learn how to get more Emotes in Splatoon 3.

Carrying forward the legacy of its predecessors, Splatoon 3 took no time to gain popularity. The game represents a mix of fun and intensity with its game mode and some other cool features. In addition, Splatoon offers Emotes as a medium of expression that the players can use in a lobby. Playing games not only promises you experience and Cash but also Emotes at a specific point. However, there are some other ways to earn Emotes in Splatoon 3. Here’s our guide that features steps to get the Emotes.

How to Get Emotes in Splatoon 3

How to get more Emotes in Splatoon 3

Here’s how to obtain additional Emotes to use in the lobby for fun:

  • Upon reaching level four in Splatoon 3, you unlock a Store in Splatsville known as Hotlantis. Leveling up to level 4 is not that big of a deal. This is because it takes only a few games to reach level 4 in the game.
  • Harmony, an NPC, owns the shops wherein she sells badges, posters, squid cushions, and other items to decorate the locker.
  • Thereafter, she provides you with a Catalog that can be leveled up to gain some rewards.
  • Further, it is possible to get Emotes in Splatoon 3 from the Hotlantis Catalog at level 3, level 15, level 35, level 51, level 6, and level 98 as of now.
  • Moreover, developers update the Catalog after every 3 months so there’s a chance that the levels on which you obtain the Emotes get shuffled.
  • Also, the Catalog can be leveled up by playing Regular Battles and Anarchy Battles.

In the beginning, the expressions of the players were determined by what weapon they carried. After getting hands-on with new Emotes, it will be changed as you can make the unlocked Emotes as a permanent expression.

That’s everything you can do to get more Emotes in Splatoon 3. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide on getting Teddy Band Bear Ears.