How To Get Sand In Disney Dreamlight Valley Quickly

Find out how you can obtain Sand fast and efficiently in Dreamlight Valley

While traversing through the world of Dreamlight Valley and completing quests, players are required to collect many materials and ingredients for the characters in order to progress in the game. These materials are either used for crafting, building or to gain rewards. One such material is Sand and although it is easily and abundantly found, you may find it tedious and boring to shovel it out conventionally. This is because it is very time-consuming if you need a large amount. So in this guide, we will go through ways you can get sand faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley and essentially speedrun your process.

How to Get & Farm Sand in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now there is inherently just one surefire way to get sand in Dreamlight Valley and that is to dig it using your shovel on the Dazzle Beach. This method is pretty straightforward and you can start digging on any sand patch on the beach and obtain 2x Sand. But this only makes sense if you need a little amount. An example of this would be if you need to craft Glass either for decoration or to further craft something else.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Sand Fast

Now if you need a larger quantity of Sand, you can make this process faster with these two tips:

  • First, you can break the blue Sea Debris rocks with an upgraded Pickaxe. Now, in order to upgrade your Pickaxe you will need to unlock the Moana Region in your Dreamlight Castle and bring both Moana and Maui to the Valley. You can do this by completing a set of quests for both. After that, you need to increase your Friendship Level with Maui to a Level 4 and have him upgrade your Pickaxe with the ‘A Tale of Stone and Fire’ quest.
    The Sea Debris rocks will drop much more Sand.
  • Another thing you can do is bring a partner with a digging bonus on your sand farming adventure. This is because the digging bonus will double the amount of Sand you get dropped so it fast-tracks the process.

Those are all the methods you can use to get Sand fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to find coconuts in this game.