How To Find Coconuts In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn how to complete Moana Realm quests and unlock Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an life-sim type adventure RPG in the world of Dreamlight Valley where you can find your favorite Disney characters and interact with them. Players can explore the world, unlock realms, collect valuable items and find ingredients to cook recipes. You can find most of the ingredients just by scouring the world but there are some ingredients that you need to complete a series of quests to unlock. One such ingredient is Coconut that can only be obtained in the Moana Realm. In this guide we will show you all the steps you need to follow to get coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now the first thing you need to do is go and interact with Moana. As you may have found out, characters and their respective worlds are sometimes locked and can only be accessed by going to the Dreamlight Castle in the game. In order to unlock coconuts, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly you need to head to the Dreamlight Castle and unlock the Moana Realm. Keep in mind that unlocking the Realm will cost you 3000 Star Coins.
  • Once you unlock the realm, you will be required to do a number of tasks alongside Moana. Complete these quests and bring Moana back to Dreamlight Valley with you.
  • Now, you must head back to the Moana Realm.
  • Find Maui on the Realm and interact with him. After a brief talk, Maui will assign you a bunch of quests to complete on the island.
  • After completing these quests, you can bring Maui back to Dreamlight Valley as well.
  • Next, you need to increase your friendship level with Maui to a Level 2. Now if you interact with him, you will be assigned a quest called ‘Burying The Eel.’
  • Now in order to complete this quest, you need to collect some softwood and worm to craft an Eel trap. Once you have a bunch of traps, place them around the dock area.
  • Doing this will help you catch the Eel required to complete this quest. When you successfully catch one, you need to dig a hole and bury the eel on the beach.
  • After a short while, the eel will emerge into a Coconut Tree that can be farmed to obtain coconuts. Once you complete this quest, Coconut Trees will start slowly spawning on the beach coast and you can get as many coconuts as you want.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Find Coconuts

Those are all the steps you need to do in order to get coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this article helpful, check our our guide on how to find Emeralds on GamerTweak.