How To Get S Rank In Missions In Ready Or Not

Are you Not getting S Rank in missions? Here are the things that can help you get Ready for it.

After you complete a mission, Ready or Not grades your performance and accordingly gives you a rank. However, there are times even after completing all objectives, reporting every known suspect, civilian, or dead body, and even securing the evidence is not enough. So even after doing all that can still get an A+. But if you are looking to change that then here is how you can get S Rank in missions.

How to Get S Rank in Every Mission in Ready or Not

How To Get S Rank In Ready Or Not
Image Credits: Brian Menard on YouTube

You need to make sure you complete every objective without any error while going the “no lethal” route. That is right, you cannot kill the suspects. Of course, this goes without saying but don’t kill the civilians.

Depending on the mission you are playing you may also get various side objectives, make sure to complete those as well. So you may have to replay the mission a few times in order to learn what they are before you get S Rank. Your mission rank is calculated based on these tasks:

  • Completing Mission Objectives
  • Reporting Suspects
  • Reporting Civilians
  • Reporting Downed Officers
  • Securing Evidence
  • Having no officers dying

These tasks are to be completed without fail. You also cannot get any penalties while completing them. Penalties deduct points from your score. Some examples of it include:

  • Unauthorized use of force
  • Unauthorized use of deadly force
  • Friendly Fire
  • Civilian Killed

Depending on the severity of the penalty and how many times you get it, you can lose anywhere around 50-200 points. This number could go higher. Remember that just getting no penalties isn’t enough, you can have 0 penalties while still not having the S rank. So the golden rule that you should follow is to arrest suspects as much as possible and avoid killing them.

Now if you follow the above dos and don’ts you shouldn’t have trouble getting S Rank in missions. While you are here I suggest you also check our guide on how to swap officers in Ready or Not.