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How To Get Rubies In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Check out all the locations to find Rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

As we all know, mining is one of the easiest ways to bag resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There are plenty of gems and crystals that can get you tons of star coins just like that. And for those who are unaware after the new Scar update, developers have added several new gems to the game. Such as Vitalys Crystals, Ruby, Shiny Ruby, Sapphire, and Shiny Sapphire. However, today we’ll discuss how you can find & get Rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley easily.

Where to Find Rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley? (Locations)

How To Get Rubies Disney Dreamlight Valley
Picture Credits: Iczel Gaming

To find & get Rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley player will need to head to the Vitalys Mine area. This mine is located in the Sunlit Plateau beside the top of the river. To be exact go to the river that runs through the dry region and you’ll be able to spot the cave in no time. So make sure you have the access to the required biome. If you haven’t unlocked Sunlit Plateau yet, then remove the Night Thorns for 7,000 Dreamlight and you’ll be good to go. After doing so, don’t forget to engage with the Scar’s quest known as Nature & Nurture to access the Vitalys Mine.

If you haven’t come across Rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley yet, then let us tell you that you’re looking for a Red beautiful looking Gem. So simply grab your Royal Pickaxe and strike all the blue & green nodes you see in the cave. Some of the nodes also have rubies at their outer layer, identifying 100% chances of dropping the Gems.

After you’ve successfully found a Ruby, you can sell it to Goofy for 1,000 Star Coins. The Shiny variant of the Ruby is sold for 4,000 Star coins in the game. However, we recommend you hold onto these materials and avoid selling them. That’s because just like other gems, Ruby can also be used to craft various things in the future. This is all you need to know about where to find & get Rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley easily. If you’re running low on coins then check out a guide on how to earn Star Coins quickly in the game.