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Elden Ring Rotten Breath: How To Get

Unable to find this Dragon Communion incantation? Check out our guide on how to get the Rotten Breath in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features a plethora of different types of incantation and sorcery spells. Rotten Breath is one of the Dragon Communion incantations that channels dragon to spew Scarlet Rot and Dragon Breath. It can be used by the spell caster to cause Scarlet Rot on their opponents. But getting this incantation requires defeating a Dragon. So, check out our guide on how to get the Rotten Breath in Elden Ring.


How to Get Elden Ring Rotten Breath

You can get the Rotten Breath incantation at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion located at Caelid in Elden Ring. But for that, you need 1 Dragon Heart. You can get the Dragon Hearts for slaying and defeating the dragons around the Lands Between. If you haven’t slain any dragons yet, you can defeat the Giant sleeping Dragon to obtain a Dragon Heart.

Once you have acquired the Dragon Heart, head to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion to buy this incantation. Follow the below steps to get the Rotten Breath:

  • You can find this location to the south of the Caelid region. Keep on progressing the road south until it turns east.
  • You will find a Dragon Altar in the south of the Mistwood region.
  • Once you find the Altar, examine it to start the Ritual of Dragon Communion.
  • While it doesn’t require defeating any specific dragons or runes, there are some stat requirements you might need to complete.
    • You need 15 Faith, 12 Arcane, and 36 (4) FP attributes to get this incantation with one Dragon Heart.
elden ring rotten breath
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  • After you complete these prerequisites, select the Rotten Breath incantation from the menu and hit the Ok option.
  • You will be prompted with the window asking to confirm Rotten breath to make thine own.
  • Hit the OK option to get the Rotten Breath incantation in exchange for the Dragon Heart and attributes.

Along with the Rotten Breath incantation, there are also several other Dragon Communion incantations. If you are confused about getting your hands on them, check out our guide on how to get and use Dragon Breath incantations.


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