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Diablo 4 Realm Power Meaning & How To Get Them

Here's everything you need on Realm Power and all permanent stat boosts that players get in Diablo 4.

Realm Power are permanent stat boosts in Diablo 4 and there are a few easy ways in which players can get them. Since the game is quite extensive with new content for Season 1 out now, players are wondering what kind of stats and buffs they should prioritize towards the mid game. However, getting Realm Power is majorly related to exploring the entire Diablo map so players should definitely get the boosts as much as they can.

What is Realm Power in Diablo 4?

How to Get Diablo 4 Realm Power

Realm Power is probably one of the only way that players can get stat boosts for all their characters at once in Diablo 4. Compared to the numerous strategic buffs that you get from Skill Trees, Paragon Boards, and other in-game mechanism, Realm Power is quite easy to obtain and you don’t have to worry about any changes that may have an impact on your build.

How to Get Realm Power in D4

You can get the permanent stats related to the Realm Power once they interact with certain new Altars of Lilith or reach new Renown Milestones in certain regions. Although you won’t get the stat boost for all the Altars you find, you won’t have to deviate from your path of exploring the Diablo 4 map. Since the stats you get from this mechanism are the same across all accounts, players don’t need to worry about others getting better buffs.

All Realm Power Stats

Here are the Realm Power stat boosts that players can obtain currently:

  • +2 Strength – Altar of Lilith
  • +2 Intelligence – Altar of Lilith
  • +2 Willpower – Altar of Lilith
  • +2 Dexterity – Altar of Lilith
  • +5 Max Murmuring Obol Capacity – Altar of Lilith
  • +1 Paragon Point – Altar of Lilith
  • Bonus XP – Renown Milestone
  • Gold – Renown Milestone
  • Skill Points – Renown Milestone
  • +Max Potion Capacity – Renown Milestone
  • +Max Murmuring Obols – Renown Milestone
  • Paragon Points – Renown Milestone

That’s all we have on Realm Power in Diablo 4. Since you are playing Diablo 4, we have more guides that you will find useful on our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.