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Stardew Valley: How To Get Past The Goblin

Many players get stuck on the Goblin Problem Quest in Stardew Valley. Here is how to get past the Goblin and enter the Witch's Hut.

After you have finished the Dark Talisman Quest, you will encounter the Goblin guarding the Witch’s Hut in Stardew Valley. This Goblin is also known as Henchman and will not let you pass. You will find yourself stuck on this quest as the Henchman will not let you go further. You can only progress further by giving this Goblin something he can’t resist having. Read this guide to know everything about this quest.

How to Get Past the Goblin in Stardew Valley

Goblin In Stardew Valley

The answer to this quest is in the lost books. Get the book named ‘Goblins’ by M. Jasper from the Library. However, you can also complete this without reading the book. To get past the Goblin, you must give him Void Mayonnaise. So, here’s how you can solve the Goblin Problem Quest in Stardew Valley.

Get Void Mayonnaise

You can make Void Mayonnaise and obtain it through the waters around the hut. It may take a few tries to get Void Mayonnaise through this way. A Void Egg is required to make Void Mayonnaise. If you have a Void Chicken, it will lay one Void Egg every day. Players can also buy Void Mayonnaise from Krobus by paying 5000g. After you have the Void Egg, use the Mayonnaise Machine to make Void Mayonnaise.

Gift the Void Mayonnaise to the Goblin in Stardew Valley

Once you have obtained the Void Mayonnaise, gift it to the Goblin. He won’t be able to resist and accept your gift, leaving your way to the Witch’s Hut open.

The Goblin Problem Quest Rewards

In the Witch’s Hut, you will find the Magic Ink and three Dark Shrines after you get past the Goblin in Stardew Valley. Take the Magic Ink from the Witch’s Hut to the Wizard’s Tower. You can use the Red Teleporting Rune to get here. Return this Ink to the Wizard and you will unlock the Wizard Buildings.

Dark Shrines:

These are the Dark Shrines that you find in the Witch’s Hut.

  • Dark Shrine of Memory: You can erase the memory of your ex-spouse with this. It will cost 30,000g and also affect Krobus as an ex-roommate.
  • Dark Shrine of Selfishness: You can turn your children into doves and they will fly away forever. It will cost one Prismatic Shard and may lead to strange events further.
  • Dark Shrine of Night Terrors: You can turn on and off the magi-seal of protection, allowing monsters to appear at night. It costs one Strange Bun to toggle once.

Wizard Buildings:

You can unlock these Wizard Buildings after you complete Goblin Problem Quest.

  • Gold Clock: This prevents debris to appear on your farm and decaying of fences. Gold Clock costs 10,000,000g.
  • Junimo Hut: Crops will be harvested by Junimo for you when they are ready. Junimo Hut costs 20,000g, 200 Stone, 9 Starfruit, and 100 Fiber.
  • Earth Obelisk: You can warp to the Mountains. Earth obelisk costs 500,000g, 10 Iridium bars, and 10 Earth crystals.
  • Water Obelisk: You can warp to the Beach. Water Obelisk costs 500,000g, 5 Iridium bars, 10 Clam, and 10 Corals.
  • Desert Obelisk: You can warp to the Desert. This Obelisk costs 1,000,000g, 20 Iridium bars, 10 Coconut, and 10 Cactus Fruit.
  • Island Obelisk: You can warp to Ginger Island. This Obelisk costs 1,000,000g, 10 Iridium bars, 10 Dragon Tooth, and 10 Banana.

That concludes this guide on how to get past the Goblin in Stardew Valley. Similarly, if you are stuck on the Pirate’s Wife Quest, read this article here on Gamer Tweak.