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Stardew Valley: How To Complete Pirate’s Wife Quest

Learn how to complete the Pirate's Wife Quest in Stardew Valley.

Ginger Island is a tropical island in Stardew Valley with a variety of rich resources. It gets available to explore only after repairing the Community Center and helping Willy to fix his boat. 500x Hardwoods, 5x Battery Pack, and 5x Iridium Bar are required to repair the Boat. After that, you are able to travel to Ginger Island by paying 1000x Gold as a traveling fee. Players have to move to the left side to explore Ginger Island. However, there will be a Bird blocking your way. You have to offer the Bird 10x Walnuts in order to explore the rest of the island. Further, on the western side of the island, near the sea shore, you’ll find an NPC known as Birdie. She is the one who gives the Pirate’s Wife Quest in Stardew Valley. Here’s our guide that features steps to complete the Pirate’s Wife Quest in the game.

How to Complete Pirate’s Wife Quest in Stardew Valley

Pirate's Wife Quest in Stardew Valley

As the cutscene begins, she’ll narrate her story that how she lost her Pirate husband in the past. Her husband died in Sea as his ship got completely wrecked. She searched the entire sea to find things by which she can remember her husband. She wants more keepsakes of her husband. Although, follow these steps to help the Pirate’s Wife aka Birdie in Stardewa Valley:

  • Birdie will hand over a War Memento to it. Take that Memento to the local veteran known as Kent.
  • Further, you’ll uncover more of the story. Kent will give you a Gourmet Tomato Salt.
  • A Gourmet Tomato Sauce will only be used by a chef. So head over to the Stardrop Saloon and interact with Gus to give him the Gourmet Tomato Sauce.
  • Later, Gus will provide you with a Stardew Valley Rose. To progress further in the Pirate’s Wife quest in Stardew Valley, head over to the Calico Desert and interact with Sandy.
  • Sandy will acquire the Stardew Valley Rose and give you an Advanced TV Remote in Return.
  • Further, find George and hand him over the Advanced TV remote to get the Wiggling Worm.
  • Thereafter, take the Wiggling Worm to Willy to obtain a Pirate’s Locket in return.
  • Now, take that Locket and head back to Ginger Island to give it to Birdie.
  • This will complete the Pirate’s Wife Quest. Further, Birdie will reward you with the Fairy Dust Recipe and 5x Golden Walnuts.

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That’s how to complete the Pirate’s Wife Quest in Stardew Valley. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Stardew Valley Guides.