How To Get Past The Giant Bird In The Far Woods In Remnant 2

Check out this guide to know how you can get move and get past the Giant Blue Bird in the Far Woods region in Remnant 2.

While exploring the deeper reaches of the Far Woods in the Withering Weald, players will come across a Giant Blue Bird in Remnant 2 which they will have to get past. Just behind the bird and in its nest players will able to find the Kuri Kuri Charm. A mystical amulet that increases Relic Speed Change and a chance to not consume a charge when you are low on health. Although to access the charm players will have to move the giant bird out of their way and get into the nest. So if you are wondering how to get past the giant blue bird, check out this guide further to know more.

How to Get Pass Giant Bird in the Far Woods in Remnant 2

giant bird nest puzzle remnant 2
Image source Struth Gaming on YouTube

There is no dedicated way through which players can move the giant blue bird and get past to access its nest in Remnant 2. Here are some of the possible ways that have worked for several other players in the game:

Exploring Far Woods

We recommend you first explore the Far Woods region in Yaesha forest thoroughly in Remnant 2. This should be your priority as it will help get familiar with the region. And there is a chance that you might come across the same giant blue bird in another location. After which you can head back to its nest, although don’t use the fast travel option as it will reset the bird back to its nest. While exploring you might also hear the bird leaving in Remnant 2, head back and check out once then.

Defeating Mother Mind

Although it’s not guaranteed, that defeating Mother Mind the boss in Yaesha forest will help you get rid of the bird from its nest. Players can try and explore the option for themselves to see in Remnant 2. We recommend you go through the boss fight as killing it will help you gain various drops and rewards.

Killing Elite Birds

Players will find these birds around the giant blue bird’s nest in the Far Woods. Many players have allegedly reported that killing 10 of these Elite birds will help you move the Giant Bird from its nest, as it will see you as a threat. You will know when you find them because of the red outline on them.

Other possible methods include dying and exploring the regions again in Remnant 2. One of the above methods will help you move the giant bird so you can get past it and access its nest for the Kuri Kuri Charm.

That’s everything covered on how to get past the Giant Bird in the Far Woods in Remnant 2. Check out our dedicated Remnant 2 section for more interesting guides like these, right here on Gamer Tweak.