How To Get Pale Scarf In Blox Fruits

The Pale Scarf in Blox Fruits is categorized as a Legendary accessory. In this Roblox game, there will be a lot of enemies that you will have to defeat in order to get in-game rewards and currency, as well. This item is considered to be useful as it helps the player deal 15% more damage and also increases the Instinct vision range, which helps in tracking other players faster. You can now experience all these positive attributes belonging to this item by following the steps mentioned in this guide to get the Pale Scarf in Blox Fruits.

How to get Pale Scarf in Blox Fruits

Pale Scarf Location in Blox Fruits
  1. To get this accessory, first, you will need to travel to Candy Land which is located in the Sea of Treats (Third Sea).
  2. Now once you reach, go over and talk to Drip Mama NPC.
  3. In order to interact with this NPC, you will need to kill a total of 500 enemies. You will only need to kill a few more enemies, Drip Mama will let you know the count.
  4. Now go around this area and destroy enemies in this locality. Once you have defeated the required amount of enemies, you can go back and visit Drip Mama again.
  5. This NPC will ask you if you want to open a Portal, and you will have to respond with a ‘Yes’.
  6. She will then tell you the Portal has been spawned behind the house.
  7. When you go inside the Portal a Dimensional Shift will take place and you will be teleported to the Mirror World.
  8. Katakuri Boss will spawn and you will have to defeat him in a battle.
  9. Once you have destroyed him he will drop the Pale Scarf.
  10. It is important to understand that since this accessory is Legendary, the chances of getting it are scarce.

This is everything you need to do in order to get the Pale Scarf in Blox Fruits. Additionally, you can also check out Beautiful Pirate Location and how to get Leather in Blox Fruits, here on Gamer Tweak.