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How To Get Out Of Free Camera Mode In Sims 4

Here is a guide on how you can get out of the Free Camera mode and bring back the UI in Sims 4.

Getting out of the Free Camera Mode and bringing back the UI after taking a cinematic picture can seem a bit tricky for players in Sims 4. With it, players can take better pictures in-game rather than having to screenshot every interesting moment of their sims’ life. The Free Camera Mode allows players to openly navigate the surrounding while hiding the UI in the game. However, with the hidden UI things can get a little confusing for some players, as the game doesn’t explain how you can exit out of the mode. So if you are someone who gets stuck every time you access the Free Camera then check out this guide further to know how you can make your way out.

How to Get Out of Free Camera in Sims 4

free camera mode in sims 4
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PC players can exit the Free Camera in Sims 4 by using the same key bind i.e. Tab on their keyboard. After which players can navigate their way out of the settings with the help of the cursor. Console players can toggle exit and bring back the UI by pressing the O button and B button on their PlayStation and Xbox controllers respectively. You can then use the right analog stick to navigate your way out of the settings in Sims 4.

Since the game is available on different platforms there are different control options on how one can operate the mode in the game. Players can position their surroundings according to how they want and take cinematic shots of their sims. Here are the controls you can use to take the screenshot in Free Camera Mode according to the platforms:

  • PC – Press C Key to take a screenshot and save.
  • PS4 – Press the Share button to save the picture.
  • Xbox – Press the Xbox button twice and press Y to save the screenshot.

That’s everything covered on how to get out of Free Camera Mode in Sims 4. Check out our guide on how to write songs in the game and for more guides like these look out for our dedicated Sims 4 section, right here on Gamer Tweak.