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Destiny 2: How To Get & Use Orbs Of Power

This is how you can get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2.

In Destiny 2 one of the best things you can do is use your super, but it requires Orbs of Power to charge up. And the way you can get these orbs have changed in the past few seasons. It isn’t very difficult to generate but knowing about it will help speed up the collection process. So in this guide let us check how to get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2.


How to Get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2

how to use orbs of power in destiny 2

You can get Orbs of Power by either picking up Orbs generated from other players’ Super or by using mods to create them. Here is what you have to do to generate orbs:

  • Use Super: You cannot use your super until the super meter is full. So to fill it up kill enemies or pick up orbs of power that other players generate.
  • Create Orbs using Mods: Based on your subclass and how you play the game you can use the following mods to create orbs of power.
    • Harmonic Siphon: Use rapid weapon final blows to generate Orbs of Power.
    • Void Siphon: Use rapid Void weapon final blows to generate Orbs of Power.
    • Arc Siphon: Use rapid Arc weapon final blows to generate Orbs of Power.
    • Solar Siphon: Use rapid Solar weapon final blows to generate Orbs of Power.
    • While you can use any of these mods, you can only apply one at a time. That is because they take up the slot of the Helmet Armor.

Another method that used to work previously and has stopped working now is using Masterwork Weapons. Before when you upgraded a weapon completely you would get a masterwork weapon. It used to help get Orbs of Power when you defeated many enemies in quick succession. Sadly this method isn’t of any use after Year 5 the Witch queen.


How to Use Orbs of Power

As explained previously, you can use orbs of power to charge up your super meter. Simply walk over the orbs of power on the ground. Although you won’t be able to pick them if you are already using your super or if you have your super meter full.

That covers everything you need to do to get Orbs of Power in Destiny 2. Since you play this game you might find our guides handy on how to fix matchmaking not working and how to get Weapon Patterns.