How To Get Octorok Eyeballs In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK)

Looking for ways to find the Octorok Eyeballs in TOTK? Here are all the locations where you can find them.

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK), you can get Octorok Eyeballs and create various elixirs with them. Then, you can use these elixirs to provide temporary buffs to Link. This game has many regions, each with its own weather. The weather conditions affect the well-being of Link. You can use the elixirs to get temporary effects like heat resistance for Link while you find suitable armor for that region. Moreover, you can also use these eyeballs to fuse them with arrows or an upgrade armor set. In this guide, you’ll learn where to find Octorok Eyeballs in TOTK

Where to Get Octorok Eyeballs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Octorok Eyeballs locations on TOTK map
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Octorok Eyeballs are enemy drops that you get for defeating the Octorok enemies. In Zelda TOTK, there are five types of Octorok enemies namely Rock Octorok, Water Octorok, Forest Octorok, Snow Octorok, Treasure Octorok, and the Mucktorok. You can find these enemies in Hebra Mountains, Hyrule Ridge, Gerudo Summit, Faron Grasslands, West Necluda, Lanayru Great Spring, Eldin Canyon, Death Mountain, and Deep Akkala.

How to Use Octorok Eyeballs in TOTK

In TOTK, you can fuse the Octorok Eyeballs with your arrows to make them follow their targets. Moreover, you can use them to upgrade your Yiga Armor Set at the Great Fairy Fountains. Finally, you can use them as Monster Parts to create the following useful Elixirs:

  • Chilly Elixir: Provides Heat Resistance
    • Cold Darner / Winterwing Butterfly
    • Any Monster Part (Octorok Eyeballs)
  • Sneaky Elixir: Increases Stealth
    • Sunset Firefly
    • Any Monster Part
  • Spicy Elixir: Provides Cold Resistance
    • Summering Butterfly / Warm Darner
    • Any Monster Part
  • Enduring Elixir: Fills Stamina Wheel and Adds Temporary Stamina
    • Tireless Frog
    • Any Monster Part
  • Tough Elixir: Raises Defense
    • Rugged Rhino Beetle
    • Any Monster Part
  • Mighty Elixir: Raises Attack
    • Bladed Rhino Beetle
    • Any Monster Part
  • Hearty Elixir: Restores Heart Containers and Adds Temporary Hearts
    • Hearty Lizard
    • Any Monster Part
  • Hasty Elixir: Increases Speed
    • Hightail Lizard / Hot-footed Frog
    • Any Monster Part
  • Electro Elixir: Provides Shock Resistance
    • Thunderwing Butterfly / Electric Darner
    • Electric Keese Wing
    • Any Monster Part
  • Fireproof Elixir: Provides Flame Guard
    • Fireproof Lizard / Smothering Butterfly
    • Any Monster Part

That’s all from us on how to get Octorok Eyeballs and use them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). Another important resource you should look for is the Mighty Thistle, so check out our TOTK guides section to learn how to get them.