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How To Get Octopus Head In Elden Ring?

Here's our guide on how to get the Octopus Head helm in Elden Ring.

If you are on your way to becoming an Elden Lord, thy shall need an eccentric “drip” to flex upon. Don’t you agree? Elden Ring has a wild range of strange armor pieces for players to discover upon. This ranges from a Pumpkin helm to a horrific Okina Mask. But can you imagine wearing the head of an Octopus? It is an absolute treat for players as it has several defensive attributes. So, here’s our guide on how to get the Octopus head in Elden Ring.

How to Get the Octopus Head in Elden Ring?

  • You can get the Octopus Head helm by striking and destroying the Land Octopuses.
  • While it is a bit rare for these Octopuses to drop this helm, it is the only way to obtain it.
  • While you may notice these Land Octopi often at beaches and ponds in the Lands Between, not all the Octopuses drop this helmet.
  • You can find several Land Octopuses to the south of Saintsbridge, the site of Grace in a lake.
  • It is near the location where you first encountered the Iron Fist Alexander.
  • You can also encounter these land Octopuses at the Liurnia of Lakes near the Temple Quarter Site of Grace.
  • In addition to that, you can find them near the Coastal Caves, the site of Grace on the Western Coast of Limgrave.
elden ring octopus head
Image Source – Thistle Last on YouTube.
  • As any one of the Land Octopi can drop this helm, strike most of them until you get the Octopus head helm.
  • Even if they are not attacked, they won’t hesitate to throw some tentacles upon you. So, do not get too close to them.
  • We suggest you get on horseback to strike these Octopuses.
  • These land octopuses also drop Golden Runes and 12-13 Runes.
  • Once you collect the Octopus Head, you can go to the inventory to equip it. It weighs around 3.6 and offers pretty good defensive buffs.

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