How To Trade Legendary For Mythical Items In Type Soul

Not sure where to find the Mythical Exchange NPC in Type Soul? Here’s where you can find her and offer her Legendary Items for Mythical Ones.

Type Soul has recently introduced a new merchant known as Bong Bong that offers Mythical Items in exchange for Legendary Items. For anyone who has their Inventory filled with plenty of Legendaries, this is a must-try deal. The only thing is that Bong Bong is hidden somewhere across the map and you will have to find her before making a transaction. With that being said, if you are looking to trade your Legendary for Mythical Items in Type Soul, here’s where you can find Bong Bong.

Where to Find Bong Bong in Type Soul?

Bong Bong, the Mythical Exchange NPC in Type Soul is found inside one of the red barns in Karakura Town. To get to this red barn easily, follow the below directions:

  • From the starting spawn point in Karakura Town (near the black tunnel), keep walking straight until you find a suspension bridge.
finding the Mythical Exchange NPC in Type Soul
Take the right turn just before the bridge. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak
  • Once you spot the bridge, take a right turn from there.
  • Walk to the end of the road and enter the village-type area.
  • You will find 3 red barns here, Bong Bong will be there in the middle one.
  • Climb the ladder to interact with her.

Now that you have found Bong Bong, you can get Mythical Items in Type Soul by interacting with her.

How to Get Mythical Items in Exchange of Legendary Items in Type Soul

After interacting with Bong Bong, you will see a list of all the Legendary Items you currently have. You have to select 10 Legendaries and click on the “Complete Exchange” button to possibly get a Mythical Item in return. One more thing, all the 10 items that you are offering must be the same. Mixing different items will not qualify as a fair transaction.

Note: You should know that it’s not guaranteed that you will receive a Mythical Item. Sometimes, you will have to exchange items multiple times before finally getting a reward.

That’s all you can do to convert or trade Legendaries with Mythical Items in Type Soul. To learn about things like trading and changing hairstyles, feel free to check out our guides on them.