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How To Get A Mushroom Lamp In Dinkum

Check out this guide to get a Mushroom Lamp in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a new life-simulation farming game that involves players creating and developing their town. The game is full of farming and crafting activities. The wild Australian-themed island in this game hides tons of cool and secret stuff. A Glowing Mushroom is one of those hidden items in the game. It is useful for making a Mushroom Lamp in the game. Here’s our guide that showcases the steps to get a Mushroom Lamp in Dinkum.

How to Get a Mushroom Lamp in Dinkum
How to get a Mushroom Lamp in Dinkum


A Mushroom Lamp appears as a green and glowing lamp that looks beautiful after crafting. It is used to decorate and make your town look fancier in the game. Get a Mushroom Lamp by following these steps:

  • Execution of almost every activity requires certain licenses in this game. Go to Fletch and purchase a Deep Mining License and a Metal Detector License for 3,500 and 500 Permit Points respectively.
  • Complete the requests of the visitors on your island to get the blueprint for a Mushroom Lamp.
  • Crafting a Mushroom Lamp requires certain items. You should have 15x Glowing Mushrooms, 2x Quartz Crystal, and 1x Glass Bulb to craft a Mushroom Lamp.
  • You have already purchased a Deep Mining license that gives you access to the Deep Mines. Go to John’s Goods and buy a Basic Axe for 1000 Dinks. Head over to the Deep Mines to get the Glowing Mushrooms.
  • Head over to the deserts to find the Quartz Crystals. Once found, they can be collected using a Basic Axe.
  • You own a Metal Detector License that makes a Metal Detector available for purchase at John’s Goods. Get the Metal Detector for 6,600 Dinks from John.
  • The Glass Bulb is buried under the ground. Use the Metal Detector to find and dig up the Glass Bulb.
  • Now that you have all the resources to craft a Mushroom Lamp, go to the Crafting Table and craft the Mushroom Lamp.
  • It is now available in your inventory. Place it anywhere on the island.

That’s all you should know about Mushroom Lamps in Dinkum. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Dinkum guides that feature steps to find other hidden items like a Glider and a Pearl in the game.