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Dinkum: How To Find Pearls

Check out this guide that can help you to find Pearls in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a life-simulator farming game based on the wild islands of Australia. This game is all about the establishment and growth of your town on the stranded island. Work on your farm and raise animals to develop your town. Throughout the island are many hidden secret items. Some of them are highly valuable and rare to find. The depth of the ocean holds a valuable item, known as a Pearl. Here’s your guide that can help you to find Pearls in Dinkum.

How to Find Pearls in Dinkum
Check out this guide that can help you to find Pearls in Dinkum


The pearl is found inside a clam under the sea. It’s kind of a rare item to find. Follow these steps to find Pearls:

  • Head towards the ocean in the game.
  • Finding a Pearl while swimming will take a long time – crafting a boat is recommended.
  • Gather 10x Gum Wood Plank, 10x Palm Wood Plank, 2x Tin Bars, and 4x Nails to craft a boat.
  • Gum Wood Plank is to be obtained from Gum logs that are found randomly on the island. As with Palm Wood Plank, Palm Trees provide Palm Wood Plank. Head towards the mines to get the Tin Ores to obtain Tin Bar from them. It is possible to convert one Tin Bar into eight nails.
  • Craft the boat with the help of a Crafting Table after gathering the required items.
  • Next, swim in the ocean until you find a Clam. Once you find a Clam, mark it as Pearl on the map.
  • Collect the Pearl from the Clam and harvest it. Harvesting is necessary because, after some time, you will be able to find one more Pearl inside the same Clam.
  • John offers 5000 Dinks if you sell the Pearl to him.

That’s how you can find a Pearl in Dinkum. While you harvest another Pearl, make sure to check out our other Dinkum Guides.