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How To Get Mr. Mime In Pokemon GO

Here is a guide on how you can catch and add Mr. Mime to your Pokedex in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go players have the opportunity to earn the Platinum Kanto Medal and amongst the 151 Pokemon players have to catch, Mr. Mime is one of them. This psychic fairy-type Pokemon is available for players to catch since the game’s launch. However, it is one of the four regions of exclusive Pokemon from Kanto in the game. Meaning, players will come across Mr. Mime locked and available only in Europe. So unless you are planning to visit the continent soon, you will have to find some other ways. Luckily we have got you covered. Check out this guide further to know some other possible methods through which you can get him in the game.

How to Catch Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO

catch mr mime in pokemon go

Apart from Europe, Mr. Mime was made available for players outside back in 2021. This was in the Safari Field Research and in its Galarian form in February this year as a Research Breakthrough reward. However, players on the lookout for the Kantonian version again, here are some of the possible ways you can get or catch it in Pokemon GO:

  • Eggs: Although the Pokemon was made hatchable back in 2019, you cannot rule out for certain that devs won’t make it available in further updates. With all the Kanto Pokemon catching buzz around, the creators may make the job easy for you.
  • Raid Battles: These happen when a Boss Pokemon takes over gyms in Pokemon GO. Players came across Mr. Mime in Raid Battles recently in 2021. If it gets added back, you will have the chance to defeat the Pokemon and catch it in the game.
  • Trade: Although you cannot rule out the possibility of the events happening again they are very rare. So another option for players will be to trade in Mr. Mime from a fellow trainer.

You can keep track of further updates on the official Pokemon GO Twitter page.

That’s everything covered on how to get Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO. If you want to get legendary Articuno and register it in your Pokedex check out our guide on it, right here on Gamer Tweak.