How To Farm More Potions In Pokemon GO

Can't heal your injured Pokemon due to a Potions shortage? Then check out the best ways to get more Potions in Pokemon GO.

Potions are one of the most essential items in Pokemon GO without any doubt. They are used to restore your Pokemon’s HP. So, they can come in quite handy when you need to heal your injured Pokemon. If you spend your time engaging in PvP or PvE battles, then your Pokemon will end up losing their HP over time. This will lead you to use up more of your Potions. So, what should you do when you run out of them? Are there ways to farm more Potions in the game? Well, luckily there is. Here is how you can get more Potions in Pokemon GO.

How to Get More Potions in Pokemon GO

how to farm more potions in pokemon go

If you a facing a shortage of Potions in Pokemon GO, then here are ways to get more of them:

Keep Leveling Up

Whenever you catch a new Pokemon, your character will gain XP and once it gains enough of it, it will level up. And with every level, you will get certain rewards in Pokemon GO. Among these rewards will be Potions and also Revives.

Spinning Discs at Pokestops and Gyms

Spin the discs at Pokestops and Gyms to have a chance of landing some Potions. However, the odds depend on your character’s level. Also, you receive rarer Potions as your level increases. You will first start getting Potions at Pokestops and Gyms when you reach Level 5. Thereafter, you will receive Super Potions at Level 10, Hyper Potions at Level 15 and Max Potions at Level 30.

In-Game Shop

You can buy different types of Potions from the in-game shop. Just make sure you have enough Pokecoins to get more Potions in Pokemon GO.

Clearing Raids

Completing Raids is also one of the ways to get more Potions in Pokemon GO. So, after beating the Raid Boss, the rewards will usually include Potions.

Completing Field Research Tasks

There are various Field Research Tasks in Pokemon GO which sometimes reward players with more Potions once completed.

That’s all you need to know on how to get more Potions in Pokemon GO. If this guide helped you, then don’t forget to read how to send and receive gifts & how to get a Coin Bag in our Pokemon GO section.