How To Get Monster Extract In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Check out this guide to find out how you can get your hands on Monster Extract and use the spice for buffs in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

Monster Extract is one of the valuable resources that players can come across in Tears Of The Kingdom. Players can use this suspicious spice while cooking to make monstrous meals. If you are lucky it will randomly increase the duration of Link’s buff but if you are not it can also reduce it significantly. With that in mind, you will first have to complete one of the side quests in the game to get your hands on the extract. So if you are looking to try out your luck with these meals, check out this guide to find out how you can get Monster Extract and use it in Zelda TOTK.

Where to Find Monster Extract in Zelda TOTK

monster extract in zelda tears of the kingdom

To get their hands on the Monster Extract, players will first have to complete Hunt For Bubbul Gems & Search For Koltin side quests in Zelda TOTK. Once you complete these quests in the game you can locate Kilton near the Skull Lake in the Deep Akkala region. He will be on the left-eye island in Skull Lake. Interact with him in the area and he will let you know about opening his shop, Fang and Bone. It is worth mentioning that like his brother, players can interact with Kilton only at night. Although once you have unlocked his shop, you can visit the outskirts of most of the villages across Hyrule like Hateno, Rito, Lurelin, etc, and buy Monster Extract for 2 Mon. You can get Mon from Kilton himself by selling monster parts to him.

Another option for players to get their hands on Monster Extract is to defeat Evermeans in the game. These are common enemy types that players will come across all Hyrule. Defeating them can drop many rewards including the Monster Extract in Zelda TOTK. The most common locations to common across these creatures are the Greater Hyrule Forest and the Hyrule Field regions. The extract can also be bought for 50 Rupees from the general store in Tarrey Town.

How to Use Monster Extract in Tears Of The Kingdom

As mentioned earlier, Monster Extract can be used for cooking monster meals in Zelda TOTK. These dishes can either significantly increase or reduce Link’s buff effect randomly. There are a few dishes that you can use the Monster Extract to try out your luck and here is a list with the recipes to make the dishes

  • Monster Soup: Monster Extract, Tabantha Wheat, Fresh Milk, & Goat Butter.
  • Monster Curry: Monster Extract, Hylian Rice, & Goron Spice.
  • Monster Rice Balls: Monster Extract, Hylian Rice, & Rock Salt.
  • Monster Stew: Monster Extract, Meat(Any), & Fish(Any).
  • Monster Cake: Monster Extract, Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar & Goat Butter.

That’s everything covered on how to get Monster Extract in Zelda TOTK. If you are looking for fruits like Mighty Bananas or Shock Fruit to gain buffs in the game then check out our guide on them, right here on Gamer Tweak.