How To Get Shock Fruit In Tears Of The Kingdom

Check out this guide on how you can get Shock Fruits and use them to gain buffs and weapon abilities in Tears Of The Kingdom.

One of the unique fruits that players will come across while exploring the vast lands of Hyrule in Tears Of The Kingdom, is the Shock Fruit. This fruit consumed directly can heal a quarter of Link’s heart. Cooked with proper recipes can help you not only restore the hearts but also gain increased attack power during thunderstorms temporarily. Additionally, you can also fuse it with your weapons like swords, arrows, etc, or with your shield to add shock damage. Although, as they are scattered all over the lands of Hyrule, players can have a hard-luck finding them. So to help you out and make things easier, here is our guide on where you can find Shock Fruits in Zelda TOTK.

Where to Find Shock Fruits in Zelda TOTK

shock fruit in tears of the kingdom

The most common locations for players to come across Shock Fruits will be East Necluda and Gerudo Desert region in Zelda TOTK. These fruits have a unique thunderbolt design on them which makes them easier to spot. To make things easier, look out for some of the places with old ruins of sky islands which are now settled on the lands of Hyrule. You will come across tons of fruits near these sites. Players can also get them on some of the smaller sky islands, with one being directly west of the Zonaite Forge Island. You can gather around 6 of them here.

Another way to get them is to look out for creatures like Shock Like and Bokoblin Archers. Once killed these creatures will drop Shock Fruits along with some other materials for you. Having said that creatures like Shock Like are hard to come by and the most common places to find them would be Hyrule Field and East Necluda regions. It is worth mentioning that you can buy these fruits from some stores located across the lands of Hyrule for 12 rupees.

How to Use Shock Fruits in Tears Of The Kingdom

As mentioned earlier, players can cook Shock Fruits with the proper recipes to restore Link’s heart and gain a temporary increase in attack power during thunderstorms. Here is a list of some dishes that you can cook with these fruits

  • Fruit & Mushroom mix
  • Steamed Fruits
  • Copious Simmered Fruit
  • Simmered Fruit
  • Fruit Cake
  • Fruit Pie
  • Honeyed Fruits

Additionally, you can add a variety of other ingredients to these dishes to gain other temporary buffs in the game. You can also fuse it with your weapons like swords or arrows to gain shock damage while attacking enemies. Fusing it with your shield will let you discharge a small amount of shock damage while defending enemy attacks in the game.

That’s everything covered on how you can get Shock Fruits in Zelda TOTK. If you are in the search for other fruits like Dazzlefruit or Voltfruit check out our guides to help you out with them, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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