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How To Attract Migrants In Dwarf Fortress

Here's how you can get more Migrants in Dwarf Fortress.

To grow your Fortress, you need a lot of Dwarves. One of the best ways to have them is by Migrants. Although some migrants might be dangerous, still worth the risk as you can assign them tasks and increase your labor to expand your domain. To know how to get more Migrants in Dwarf Fortress, this guide will help you.

How to attract and get more Migrants in Dwarf Fortress?

Get More Migrants in Dwarf Fortress
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  • Migrants arrive every season in waves. The Migrants will stop coming if you reach the maximum capacity. If they don’t, check whether you have a total power of 200. Although, you can still increase your population by having children after this point.
  • If you need more migrants, you can request for few migrants by sending your Dwarf as a messenger in the Hillocks and inviting the Migrants. To do this, select a Dwarf from the menu and assign a messenger job.
  • Then go to the world map, select any Hillock from the map, and press ‘R.’
  • You will see a menu with all the Migrants’ lists and their skills. Select the dwarves with the appropriate skill you desire and invite them by pressing ‘Enter.’
  • Then press ‘Esc’ and get out of the menu. The Dwarfs will complete their journey, which will take a few minutes to arrive at your Fortress.
  • Also, building Taverns, Dormitories, and temples will attract migrants.
  • Assign jobs to these migrants and expand your Fortress.

Migrant Messages

Migrant Messages are the messages that pop up on your screen related to immigrants. There are six messages in the game, they are:

“A migrant has arrived” or “Some migrants have arrived” – When any migrant arrives without any problem, this message pops up.

“Some migrants have arrived, despite the danger” – When few dwarves die, but still the migrants arrive, this message will be shown.

“Some migrants have decided to brave this terrifying place, knowing it may be their tomb” – This might be a warning sign, as this message pops up even when there’s no death. This might indicate that your Fortress is at risk of invasion, although there’s no proof.

“Migrants were too nervous about making the journey this season” – No Migrants arrived.

“Migrants refused to journey to such a dangerous fortress this season” – This message will be shown when migrants cease migration due to many deaths in your Fortress, especially nobles. The only exception is Nobles.

“No one even considered making the journey to such a cursed death trap this season” – This is the worst case if your Fortress had faced a large amount of death due to any reason that scared Migrants. The Migrants won’t even visit nearby your Fortress.

That’s everything covered on how to get Migrants in Dwarf Fortress. Also, check out our guide on how to build Temple in Dwarf Fortress.