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How To Get Master Override In Dead Space Remake (RIG Locations)

Unable to unlock the areas and get the sweet loot? Check out our guide on how to get the Master Override in Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake is a sci-fi horror videogame and a reboot of the iconic series of the same name. As you progress, you may notice that some doors, containers, or crates are locked. While these doors are unlocked upon getting the Security Clearance levels, some areas require Master Override. To gain this access, you have to complete the You are not authorized side quest. This side quest is triggered as you interact with the Bridge security in Captain’s Nest during Chapter 4. If you don’t complete it before Chapter 11, you might miss a trophy and great loot. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get the Master Override in Dead Space Remake.

How to Get the Master Override in Dead Space Remake

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You can create the Master Override by finding all the RIGs around the Ishimura in the Dead Space remake. As mentioned earlier, it is a part of the “You are not authorized” side quest. You can find the RIGs using the Locator button. For that, head over to the Missions Menu and select the side quest. Then, select one of the objectives which is finding a particular RIG. Hit the Track Objective to lead you to the path to one of the RIG locations. Once you have found all RIG locations, you can simply create the Master Overrride in the Bridge at the Captain’s Nest on the console.

Where to Find All RIGs (Locations)?

You have to find the RIGs of all the officers around Ishimura to create the Master Override. Here are all the officers and their respective RIG locations in Dead Space Remake:

  • Hangar Overseer Voulnkner’s RIG: Near O2 Recharge station in the Hanger Bay to the left.
  • Mining Supervisor Dallas’ RIG: Inside the Mineral Processing Control Room. You have to clear out the hazardous material in the disintegrator to access the Control Room.
  • Comms Officer Bailey’s RIG: In the Communications Control Room past the Comms Mess Hall on the third floor.
  • Tram Supervisor Benson’s RIG: Inside the Tram Maintenance Tunnels. But this area is only accessible after gaining the access to Crew Deck from the Bridge during chapter 9.
  • Chief Engineer Rosseau’s RIG: Fuel storage engineering room on the top floor. But you need Security clearance level three to open this locked room.
  • First Officer White’s RIG: Outside the Ishimura past the third ADS cannon inside an ADS Cannon Trench.
  • Lt. Commander Holt’s RIG: On the second floor of the Hydroponics below the Necromorph tissue.

As mentioned earlier after gathering all the RIGs, head over to the Bridge at the Captain’s Nest. Over there, you can create the Master Override to unlock all the doors, containers, or crates around Ishimura. Once you complete the “You are not authorized” side quest, you also get the Full Clearance silver trophy. Since you reach the point of no return after Chapter 11, make sure to complete this side quest before that.

Upon getting the Master Override, you can unlock different areas with rewards or loot inside them. While doors or containers have ammo or credits, these areas have weapon upgrades. So, don’t miss out on them. But where to find them? Scroll till the end to find out.

All Master Override Locations in Dead Space

Here are all the Master Override locations and their rewards:

Locations Rewards
Cargo Tram Control (Hangar) Force Gun upgrade
Deluxe Quarters (Crew Quarters) Flamethrower upgrade
Executive Quarters (Crew Quarters) Gold Semiconductor
Machine Shop (Engineering) Ripper upgrade
Mining Tram station (Hydroponics) Line Gun upgrade
Tool Storage (Mining) Contact Beam upgrade
Transfer Junction (Aegis VII) 3 Nodes
Water Purification Storage (Bridge) Pulse Rifle upgrade

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