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Which Difficulty Setting Should You Play Dead Space Remake On?

Here is how each Difficulty impacts your gameplay in Dead Space Remake.

Knowing which difficulty settings you can play Dead Space Remake can change how you experience the game. Since this is not only an adventure game but also a survival horror, your progression will be affected a lot more based on the game mode you chose. But what good is a survival game if it isn’t challenging enough? So here are all the difficulty levels explained and which setting should you choose while playing Dead Space Remake.

Which Difficulty Should you Choose while playing Dead Space Remake?

which difficulty setting should you choose to play on for dead space remake

You should play the game in easy mode if you are looking to only know the game’s story or are new to such games. Dead Space Remake has plenty to offer, so if you like some level of challenge then Medium isn’t bad either. But if you are someone who is looking to complete the game 100% and even unlocks all achievements then Impossible mode is the one you will have to go for:

In the original Dead Space there were 4 difficulty options:

  • Easy: Recommended mode for players new to the Dead Space series, or gaming in general.
  • Medium: This is the mode to go for if you want to see how the game plays in a normal manner. The game will be tough but not unfinishable, and while your mistakes will cost you, overall you shouldn’t have a hard time.
  • Hard: Speaking of a hard time, Hard mode is for the players who want a good challenge. This will make the enemies tougher, and test your survival skills a lot more. The resources you get are also fewer than the previous two modes.
  • Impossible: This mode tests your skills to the fullest. You need to not only manage your resources, so as to not waste them but also plan out your moves and not play hastily.

So, the best way to play Dead Space Remake is to play on Medium Difficulty. While it might feel slightly on the easier side, it is still the most balanced way to enjoy the game. Having to plan your moves and play a bit carefully should make it a good experience for most players.

That covers this guide all difficulty settings for Dead Space Remake and which you should play on. If you plan on completing this game 100% then also check our guide on how to get the secret ending.