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How To Get Secret Ending In Dead Space Remake

Here is how you can get the secret ending in Dead Space Remake.

No matter if you are a fan of the Dead Space series or not, you should Get the Secret ending while playing the Remake. The developers have not only remade the game for newer consoles but also did some changes in this game to treat the fans better. But getting this ending isn’t all that easy. So here is how you can unlock the Secret ending in Dead Space Remake.

How to Get the Secret Ending in Dead Space Remake

dead space remake how to unlock the secret ending
Image Credit: Stevivor on YouTube

You need to collect the 12 Marker Fragments to get the Secret Ending. But while that may sound easy you, unfortunately, cannot get the secret ending on your first playthrough. The game’s developers have intentionally designed the game such that you need to play the game a second time to unlock it. But luckily, there are no restrictions around what difficulty you have to play on, to get this ending. So here is how you can quickly unlock the Secret Ending:

  1. Complete the game in Easy mode. Easy is suggested for beating the game fast, the difficulty won’t impact in any other way when trying to get the secret ending.
  2. Start a New Game+. You can choose any difficulty you like, but you should play on easy mode to get the ending faster.
  3. While playing, keep an eye out for purple glowing orbs in any area you are in, these are Marker Fragments. They are fairly easy to notice.
  4. After you collect all 12 of them, go to the Captain Mathius’ Quarters and place these markers in the Shrine.
  5. You get the final marker in 11th chapter, so there is only a little time left till you can see the alternate ending. Just progress the rest of the game’s story.
  6. You will get a different cutscene as the secret ending when you complete the game this time.

That covers this guide on how to unlock & get the secret ending in Dead Space Remake. You might also find our guide interesting on the system requirements for Dead Space Remake Vs the original game. And for other things gaming don’t forget to check out Gamer Tweak.