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Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Lynel Fabric Guide (TOTK)

Get a new Paraglider design with Lynel Fabric of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Impressed with the design of Lynel Fabric and want to get it Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. TOTK has over fifty Fabric options for Paragliders. From majestic-looking Royal Hyrulean Fabric to the powerful appearance Gleeok Fabric, the designs are all different and unique. Some are based on monsters, while some are designed on character and some are just fun designs like Pixel Fabric and Egg Fabric. This Lynel Fabric is based on the Lynel monster, so the method of obtaining it is also linked to the being. Curious about how Lynel is linked to Lynel fabric, read along to learn and get this Paraglider cloth.

How to Obtain Paraglider Lynel Fabric in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Lynel Fabric Location Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

You can buy the Lynel Fabric for 20 Rupees from Sayge of the Hateno Village, but you have to take and show a picture of Lynel to unlock this fabric. And you can only take a picture if you have completed Photograph a Chuchu side quest and unlocked the camera. Photograph a Chuchu quest is given by the NPC Sayge. So head to the coordinates (3404, -2152, 0134) in Hateno Village and take the quest. After you have finished this side quest, you’ll get to take pictures of many creatures and unlock their fabric design.

As for Lynel, there are three types of Lynel in the game: Red, Blue, and white. This creature is not rare and can easily be spotted in various Surface and Depth locations. But if you are still finding it hard to locate them, check out this Lynel location guide and successfully take pictures of the creature in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Change Paraglider Fabric in TOTK

Once you have photographed the Lynel, go back to the Sayge (3404, -2152, 0134) and select “Rework the paraglider“. Then choose “I have a new reference” and show him the Lynel picture. He will craft a new fabric based on Lynel and you will be able to buy it from his shop. To change the fabric of the Paraglider, select Lynel Fabric from the list and choose OK!

With this, you can now get Lynel Fabric in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you found this interesting and are planning to get other Paraglider fabrics like Grizzlemaw Bear Fabric, then check out our TOTK guides.