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How To Get Link’s House In Zelda TotK (Tears Of The Kingdom)

Looking for a perfect home for Link? Then, check out how you can build a House for Link in Zelda TotK.

In Tears of the Kingdom, building Link’s House can really be beneficial. It can not only allow you to store your weapons bows and shield but also build a stable for your horse. Apart from that, you can even cook food in there or take a quick nap. If you’re a veteran player, then you’ll surely be familiar with Link’s House in the previous title, BotW. But before you could get a house for your warrior you’ll have to complete some Prerequisites. If you’re up for the grind, then scroll down to know more about how you can get Link a House in TotK.

How to Buy Link’s House in Tears of the Kingdom

get plot for links house in zelda totk
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Before you could get Link’s House in Tears of the Kingdom you’ll have to buy a plot of land in the Hyrule Kingdom. For that, simply complete Mattison’s Independence side quest. After that, talk to Rhondson in Tarrey Town to purchase land for 1,500 Rupees. And then you’ll get the Home on Arrange side quest where you have to build a house. For better understanding let’s take a look at the details of the mentioned quests.

How to Complete Mattison’s Independence Quest in TotK

  1. First, head to Tarrey Town and meet Hudson & Rhondson to initiate the quest. (Coordinates 3968, 1601, 0127)
  2. Next, talk to Hudson again and he’ll ask you to meet Mattison. She is in her room in the same house.
  3. Keep following Mattison until she introduces you to her grandparents.
  4. And they’ll ask you a question whose answer is Vaba!

    correct answer for Mattisons Independence Quest
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  5. After that, throw Puffshroom toward the Railroad guard to blind him for some seconds.
  6. Doing so will allow Mattison to ride the Railroad for free.

    throw flower to guard to ride the rail for free
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  7. Follow Mattison down and speak with Hudson again near the construction area.
  8. And they’ll ask you to find 10 Sundelion that can be obtained from any area on Great Sky Island.
  9. Give the Sundelions to Hudson & Mattison, and then take a balloon ride with them.
  10. Once done, go ahead and buy a plot for Link’s House from Rhondson in Tarrey Town for 1,500 Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

Now this will trigger another quest known as Home on Arrange, where you have to build the house.

How to Complete Home on Arrange Quest in TotK

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  1. After buying a plot, head southeast near the Rasitakiwak Shrine. (Coordinates: 4167 1322 0229)
  2. Head down from the shrine and talk to one of Hudson’s employees, Granteson.
  3. He will give you choices of the Room that you can build.
  4. Simply select the ones you like and use your Ultrahand ability to place the room within the ropes.
  5. Make sure to build at least 2 rooms to call it a house and complete the quest.

    buy rooms for links house in zelda totk
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  6. Once done, you’ll be able to build more rooms and add decorations to the house by using your Rupees.

That sums up all about how you can buy & build a Link’s House in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re running low on money, then check out the ways to farm Rupees in the game. Also, take a look at the Duplication glitch to Dupe items in Zelda TotK.