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How To Get Library Card In Palia

You can read books if you have the Library Card in Palia. So, if you are looking to access the books, here's how to find it.

Are you looking to get the Library Card in Palia? This item will allow you to access books in the Library located in the Kilima Village. Caleri is the librarian that takes care of this place. You can also find quest information and the Carrot Soup recipe here. However, players are finding it difficult to obtain this item and unlock rewards. So, let’s check out how you can get it.

How to Find the Library Card in Palia

Caleri In Palia
Caleri In Palia

You can collect the Library Card from your mail as a quest reward from Caleri in Palia. You have to talk to her and strengthen your friendship with her in order to get this quest. Ask her weekly what she wants and gift them to her. Doing this will level up your relationship faster. After you have the required friendship level, she will give you the Manners, Manners quest. Follow the steps below to complete this quest and get the Library Card:

  1. Read the book in front of Caleri carefully.
  2. She will ask you questions based on what you read.
  3. Answer her correctly to complete this quest.

You will get the Library Card after some time of completing this task. This quest is not difficult and many players can easily do it. However, not all players get the quest rewards even after waiting for days. This might be a bug in this game, you can wait for developers to fix it with some update or try basic fixes like restarting game or reinstalling it. You can also try maxing your relationship with Caleri and it might help you fix this problem and get your rewards.

After you have the card, head to the Library and go to the bookshelf near the window on the right side. Find the green book on the second shelf and read it by pressing the F key. Once you have read it, you will have the recipe for the Carrot Soup.

That concludes this article on how to get Library Card in Palia. Now that you know how to make Carrot Soup, here is how to get and cook the Fish Stew Recipe.