Pet Simulator 99: How To Get The Huge Present Cat

Wondering how you can unlock the rare Huge Present Cat in Pet Simulator 99? Check out this guide and learn how you can easily get this pet.

Since Pet Simulator 99 added several features during Update 2, all players have been excited to unlock the new Pets and Areas. Apart from this, players can also access all the new content added during the Christmas Event. Similarly, all Roblox fans have been wondering how they can get the exclusive pet, Huge Present Cat during this event. Surprisingly, there is only one way of unlocking this pet and in this guide, we have mentioned how you will easily be able to get this rare pet.

How to Unlock the Huge Present Cat Fast in Pet Simulator 99

How To Unlock The Huge Present Cat Fast In Pet Simulator 99
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Players will be able to get this exclusive pet only once they take part in the Festive Clan Battles. However, just taking part will not help you unlock this pet, you will have to win the Clan Battle to get it. This Battle has been introduced for the first time in Pet Simulator 99, and since it is part of the event, it will take place from December 16, 2023, to December 29, 2023.

If you are wondering how you can win this Clan Battle, you will first have to either join a Clan or start a Clan. After you do so, you and your Clan members must strive to collect as many points as you can. Before you reach the end of the Christmas Event, the best way to collect points is by opening presents.

If your team wins the Clan Battle, you will receive the following prizes as your reward:

  • Gold Clan medal
  • Huge Present Cat
  • x10 Exclusive Eggs
  • Present Hoverboard
  • Present Booth

We have covered everything you need to know to get the Huge Present Cat. If you are looking to quickly rank up in this game, make sure to browse through our guide on the Pet Simulator 99 Value List and learn how you can hatch your best Eggs, and check out all our other Roblox guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.