How To Hatch Your Best Eggs In Pet Simulator 99 To Earn Stars

Not sure how to complete the hatch your best eggs task in Pet Simulator 99? Here is what you need to do.

Hatch your best eggs is one of the rank tasks you complete to earn stars in Pet Simulator 99. By earning stars, you unlock the rewards of your current position and get to increase it. Depending on your rank you get one or more quests with different star amounts, and this one is usually one of the max.

The number of eggs you need to hatch will also change with your ranking, which makes the process challenging for players. Understanding this difficulty, we have brought you ways to find and finish tasks within no time.

How to Complete the Hatch Your Best Eggs Rank Task in PS99

 Complete the Hatch Your Best Eggs Rank Task in PS99
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Let us first understand what is considered the best egg in Pet Simulator 99. The best ones are the last three egg levels you have unlocked by now. These levels become available as you get access to new areas. Every time you unlock a new one, a notification will appear for a few seconds saying you have unlocked a new egg.

The latest available one would look transparent and have an unlock button on it. Interact with it and then you’ll find out the amount required for using it. Depending on the number of eggs you can hatch at once and your current balance, it will show you the buy button. Use it, complete the task, and equip the best ones.

What to Do With Extra Pets?

What to Do With Extra Pets in PS99
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It is an RNG system, so you will obtain many copies of the common pet. I would suggest you go to the Mine area and turn them into gold ones with the Golden Machine. They will deal more damage to the breakable, making the coins and bars collection faster.

With this, we wrap our how to hatch your best eggs in Pet Simulator 99 guide. For more interesting topics from this game, you should check out our Roblox section.