How To Get Haki In Haze Piece (Buso & Observation)

Here is all you need to do for unlocking and leveling Haki in Haze Piece.

Looking for Buso Haki to beat Logia Fruit users? Here is how to get and level up Haki in Haze Piece. At the time of writing the game has two Haki: Buso and Observation. Logia Fruits users are the toughest to beat, you will find your Combat moves useless on them. Thus, it is better to obtain Buso Haki as soon as possible. The skill not only lets you damage Logia users but also increases the Sword and Combat damage.

Observation Haki on the other hand lets you dodge attacks, and it’s no surprise how difficult it is to run around the enemies, so you don’t get attacked. It will finally let you dodge their attacks. But these both are high-level Skills, you must meet some requirements and spend Cash to obtain them. So buckle up and follow along to get Haki in Haze Piece.

How to Get and Level Up Buso Haki in Haze Piece

Buso Haki Haze Piece
  • Requirements:
    • Level 1: Level 350, $100K, Logue City
    • Level 2: Level 1150, $250K, Revolutionary Island

Level 1 Buso Haki

Keep on completing the quests, you will eventually reach level 350 and gather $100K. After meeting the requirements, head to Logue Town. When you get off at the port, head straight sticking to the left side till you get to the other end of the island. You will see a tower, on the right of which is an Old Man Silver (Buso Trainer). Talk to him and spend the Cash to learn Buso Haki of Haze Piece.

Level 2 Buso Haki

Collect $250K and reach level 1150. After that, head to the Revolutionary Island, and look around. You will find the Buso Level 2 Trainer. Talk to him and Accept the charge for level 2 Buso Haki. If you are low on Cash, use these Haze Piece codes to get some.

Where to Find Observation Haki in Haze Piece

How to Get Observation Haki in Haze Piece
  • Requirements:
    • Level 1: Level 600, $150K, Marine Base Island
    • Level 2: Level 1500, $200K, Bubble Island
    • Level 3: Level 2500, $1,000,000, Desert Island

Level 1 Observation Haki

Fulfill the requirements and then head to the Marine Base Island. You need to find a man who has Level 1 Observation Haki popping over his head. Talk to him, if you are level 600, it will ask you to pay $150K. Accept the price and learn the Skill.

Level 2 Observation Haki

Once you meet the requirements, head to Bubble Island. Then look for the same character, but this time he has Level 2 Observation Haki popping over its head. Talk to him and Accept to unlock level 2 of Observation Haki.

Level 3 Observation Haki

When you meet the requirements, head to Desert Island in the Second Sea. Once you are there, look for the Clock Tower. Around the tower, you’ll find the Level 3 Observation Haki NPC. Interact with him and unlock the upgrade.

That’s all you have to do to unlock and level up Haki in Haze Piece. The game presents a vast map, filled with adventure, you can play for hours without getting bored. So check out our Roblox guides to get the links to its Trello & Discord and Fruit tier list.