Fruit Warriors Haki: How To Get & Use It

Here is how you can get Haki in Roblox Fruit Warriors.

Fruit Warriors is a Roblox game based on One Piece, where you can get Haki. Haki is an essential power in the anime, needed to fight logia-type Devil Fruit users. And to follow the series, this game lets you do additional damage with it. So without further ado, here is how to unlock and use Haki in this game.

How to Get Haki in Fruit Warriors

fruit warriors how to unlock and use haki
Image Credit: Kingkade on YouTube

You need 100 Strength, 100 Defense, and 100,000 Beli to learn & get Busoshoku Haki in Fruit Warriors. You can find the Haki teacher on North Hill island. You should unlock Geppo first or get some devil fruit that lets you fly high. This island is more of a tower; you must get to the top to meet this teacher.

  1. Go to the boat dealer on your island.
  2. Spawn a free boat and head to Desert Island. North Hill is closer to it.
  3. Turn left and go straight when you see the desert island before you.
  4. You should find a large tower here in the middle of the sea.
  5. Use Geppo or your devil fruit to reach the top.
  6. Talk to the Haki Teacher.
  7. Spend 100,000 Beli to learn Armament Haki.

How to Use Armament Haki

You can use Haki by pressing the J-key on your keyboard. Look at your character’s arms to see if it works. They will turn black while using Haki. That isn’t all; if you have a sword equipped, your Haki also applies to it. This can be seen by a shiny trail covering your sword.

Every time you punch or use your sword, your Haki will level up. Try not to over-spam it when unnecessary because it can get used up unless you are training, although it recharges quickly. Speaking of training, make sure to level it up. The higher your Haki level, the more damage it will add to your punches and sword attacks. Using Haki while punching will also level up your Strength and Stamina. And using it with a sword will level up your Sword and Stamina.

You know how to unlock and use Haki in Fruit Warriors. Since you are into this game, you might find our similar guides helpful on getting black leg fighting style, all swords, and gift codes for it.