How To Get Black Leg Fighting Skill In Fruit Warriors

Here is how to find the Black Leg fighting skill in Fruit Warriors.

Want to know how to get Black Leg in Fruit Warriors? Then you’re at the right place. Black leg is a fighting skill that can turn your legs into weapons. The fighting style gives you access to two powerful moves – the Air Shot Kick and the Air Force Kick. If you are interested in learning the fighting skill in this Roblox game, then follow the steps mentioned in our guide below.

How to Get Black Leg in Fruit Warriors

black leg teacher

To learn the Black leg fighting style in Fruit Warriors, you will first need to have atleast 50 Strength, 50 Stamina and 50,000 Beli. Once you achieve that, you will need to head to Jungle Island to meet the Black Leg teacher. Once you reach the Island, make your way up to the Gorilla Boss area. Here, you will see a small hut which is where you’ll find the Black Leg Teacher.

After handing over 50,000 Beli to the teacher, you will learn the Black Leg fighting skill. Your standard combat style will now be replaced with this brand-new style. Many people are finding it difficult to learn the Black leg skill due to the requirements. Stamina is fairly easy to build and Beli as well can be earned quickly while completing missions. But the biggest problem that players have is building their strength. We will show how you can do it quickly right here:

How to Increase Strength in Fruit Warriors

The standard way to build your character’s strength is by fighting bosses and enemies. However, keep in mind to not use any weapon. You can only increase Strength while fighting unarmed. The best part is that you don’t even need to hit a real enemy in Fruit Warriors. You can build strength by shadow fighting as well. So, if there’s no enemy near you, simply start attacking and hitting the air. Your strength will reach 50 in no time!

That’s all you need to know on how to get Black Leg in Fruit Warriors. While you’re here, check out some free active codes, how to get Devil Fruit and how to unlock Geppo right here on Gamer Tweak.