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How To Get Growing Power In Warframe (Farming Guide)

If you'd like to enhance the Strength of your Ability in Warframe then you are going to need the Growing Power Mod.

Just like you, many players out there are on the hunt to find the Growing Power Mod in Warframe. That’s because this is one of the best Aura mods that increases the Ability Strength for a good amount temporarily. However, it is only activated after you inflict Status Effects on enemies by using a weapon. At base rank it only buffs Ability Strength by +4.2% for 1 sec but when it’s on the highest rank it can go up to +25% for 6 seconds. If you want to unleash this kind of power then there are some things you’ll need to do. And for your reference below we have mentioned everything about how you can farm Growing Power (GP) quickly.

How Can I Farm Growing Power in Warframe?

How To Get Growing Power In Warframe (Farming Guide) farm

The only way to farm Growing Power (GP) in Warframe is by killing Knave Specter in the Silver Grove quest. To summon this Specter you’ll have to use the Nightfall Apothic on the Grove’s Shrine. Defeating this enemy will be pretty easy, you just have to maintain distance from it and try to avoid his attacks while landing yours. Players can also take their friends to speed up the process but it won’t affect the drop rate of the Growing Power i.e. 6.06%. So farming even 1 of the GP aura mod can really take a while, so make sure you have enough mentioned Apothic for the runs.

If you haven’t got your hands on the Nightfall Apothic Blueprint yet, then you’ll first have to progress through the Silver Grove questline. Once you have it simply collect 2x Morphics, 2x Disklight Sarracenia, 6x Moonlight Dragonlily, & 12x Sunlight Threshcone to craft it. As a downside farming these crafting items is also a hassle in the first place. But that’s what makes the Growing Power so rare and so special. So if you’re up for the grind, then make sure you upgrade the rank of the mod as soon as you can.

That is all about how you can farm Growing Power in Warframe easily. If you’re running low on the in-game currency, then check out how to farm Credits quickly. Also, take a look at the Warframe Promo Codes to get free rewards.