Warframe Credit Farming 2020 – 5 Ways To Farm 100K Credits

By Raaj
10 Min Read

If you need something in Warframe you will need Credits. A kind of in-game currency to buy equipment, items, blueprints, etc. It is also important to purchase items for crafting and for mod fusion. So if you are searching for more details on Warframe credit farming, then this guide is for you. Here you will learn multiple ways in how to farm credits in Warframe. We only added the best tips here, so that you can start without wasting time.

With the help of farm credits Warframe tips in this guide, you can focus only on the important part. That is which are the missions that give out the highest amount of credits in the game. What are the shortcuts to Warframe credit farming in 2020?

Warframe Dark Sector Missions

Dark Sectors are the abandoned part of the planet. They are infested with enemies, so this not going to be easy. Dark Sector is one of the best sources of the high amount of credits, but with this, it is also challenging. Playing Dark Sector Mission will help you to farm credits in Warframe. Here is how you can find Dark Sector Missions in Warframe.

  1. Look for Dark sector icon while looking for missions, it is displayed separately.
  2. Click on the mission and you will details on objectives.
  3. Follow the objectives to complete mission to unlock the Credit reward in the end.

Read the mission objectives properly which is highly important to earn Warframe farm credits. Some Warframe Dark sector mission will also help you to earn XP by killing enemies with a specific weapon. For example, you can earn bonus XP points by killing an enemy only with rifle or pistol. This is why it is important to read the mission description to know what you have to do.

There is one more important thing to learn here while playing the Warframe Dark sector mission you will have to look for a bonus drop. This is very useful in farming if you can find the drop gather it and you will earn bonus XP. So why not to take the benefit of having some extra XP to boost your level while farming Warframe credits.

This is enough to tell about Warframe best ways to credit farm. There are many Dark Sector missions with high credit rewards as well as bonus drops. But among it is important to learn which the best mission for farming credits are. If you are aware of Warframe mission types then it will be easier to grab easy credits.

Warframe Best Dark Sector Mission to farm credit

Two missions on Ceres are the best choice for you to start with. Seimeni and Gabii are the two best places to farm credits in Warframe. This will give you enough to proceed with crafting or buying blueprints. The best thing about choosing these two places is Dark Sector missions here are easy. With minimum efforts, you can maximize your credit farming chances in the game.

Warframe Dark Sector Mission Seimeni

Seimeni is a Warframe defense mission on Ceres. Enemies in this place are around 15-25 levels. You can start with Seimeni to start farming credits in Warframe. There are some Warframe defense mission rewards, you can earn a 35% more drop rate boost. This is where you can increase your chances of getting more resources. Players with 26% bonus EXP will earn 21% more from killing enemies with melee.

In this Warframe defense mission, it is necessary to understand the objective of the game. Like guard a target that is attacked by the infested. Survive 5 waves of enemies and you will be able to complete the mission. Use Slash, Heat and Gas damage on the infested enemy, this will make you stronger.

Continue playing the mission after 5 Waves of infested enemy attack, this is one of the fastest ways to farm credits in Warframe. The enemies in this mission are not strong, they can be killed easily. If you are using Melee you can increase your chances of getting higher resources. After 5 waves of attack, you will earn an additional twenty thousand credits. Whatever you have collected during the mission will also be in your account.

Warframe Dark Sector Mission Gabii

Gabii brings Warframe survival rewards. Opposite to Seimeni, in Gabii you will have to survive for 5 minutes. You can either find a spot to camp or explore the map. But stay alive at all costs. Markdown the locations of Life Support Capsules, just check the indicator and best try to stay nearby. If you are attacked and low on health you will need these capsules to revive yourself back in the fight. Enemy level in Gabii survival mission lies between 15 to 25. There is a 35% boost in resource drop in this mission.

Similar to Seimeni experience players will get 26% more on any kill and 21% more on melee kills. Do not miss these best chances to farm credit in Warframe. Slash weapons are the best in this Warframe survival mission. You can also attack the enemies with Heat and Gas.

Survive for 5 minutes, and extract. Repeat the mission and you will be able to farm around 20,000 credits in rewards. Whatever you had collected during the battle are extra credits.

So these two are the best way to farm credits in Warframe. Using the above two mission you can get around 50,000 or more credits easily. But there are more ways to farm credits in Warframe and they are listed below.

1. Sorties:

First sorting will reward you thousands of credits during the mission. Warframe Sorties also yield additional rewards when missions are completed. But do check the below list to grab a high amount of credits.

  • 20,000 for first mission
  • 30,000 for the second mission
  • 50,000 for the third mission

2. Selling Mods:

Your inventory will be full of Mods that you not need. There are duplicate ones also, so why not sell them. You can sell these mods and get credits for the same. If you are sort on Warframe Credits sell the mods and fill up your pocket.

3. Selling Items:

The last and final thing you can do to farm Warframe credits is by selling your items from the inventory. If you are having too many items like blueprints, Warframe parts, just sell them. To save time you can also save them in bulk to farm credits.

4. The Index:

On Neptune, you can access Corpus arenas called as the Index. This is one of the best spots for credit farming. You can place a bet on winning matches, the tougher the enemy the higher the bet. With three difficulty levels (low, medium, and high) you can decide how much credit you can earn. For example, on Low bet, you can earn around 105,000 credits if you bet 30,000. This increases with a tougher bet. Remember if you lose the best your credits are gone. Learn the objective of the missions properly entering into the Index.

Farming Credits is not that complicated in Warframe, as it is directly tied to various activities, missions, etc. Best is to focus on things that work and gives you enough credit in less time. So that you can use them to buy blueprints, new items for crafting, etc. There is also a trading zone in Warframe that allows you to get credits without playing any missions. So here is our guide on the best way to farm credits in Warframe, hope this will help you.