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Digimon Survive: How To Get Gazimon (Unlock Guide)

Here is how you can unlock and get Gazimon in Digimon Survive.

Gazimon is a Mammal Digimon that you can get in Digimon Survive. But the tricky part is it is not a partner Digimon in the game. So you will have to look for it in order to recruit it. And this isn’t where it ends, you also have to answer its questions properly to be worthy of it. So in this guide let us check how to unlock and get Gazimon in Digimon Survive.

How to Get Gazimon in Digimon Survive


digimon survive unlock and get gazimon

You can get Gazimon in Digimon Survive by recruiting it. As mentioned previously, this is not a partner Digimon that you are guaranteed to get while progressing the story. And to recruit it you can find it at Forest or at School. Earn its trust, you can do that by correctly answering its questions.

A hint to answering its questions is it thinks of humans and Digimon as equals. So make sure you don’t make it feel lower than you, or you are sure to not add him to your team. If you don’t want to take chances then here is its set of questions and their answers.


  • First question: I don’t feel so good… Someone, help… … Pfft, ha ha ha, just kidding! Did I getcha?!
    • I’m glad you’re okay
  • Second question: Hey, what kinda food do ya like?
    • Love me some meat!
  • Third question: I don’t care if you smile, or laugh, or whatever! I ain’t gonna trust no human!
    • What can I do, then?
  • Fourth question: Boy, you’re a tough-lookin’ mug, aren’t ya?! I bet I’d lose if we threw down…
    • We’d probably tie.
  • Fifth question: Go on… Try guessing what I think of ya!
    • That I’m easygoing?
  • Sixth question: What do you think would be a good prank?
    • A pit trap?

Even though we have numbered the above questions, there is no guarantee you will get them in the same order. But no matter what order you get them in. Answer them correctly and Gazimon will join you on your journey in no time.

That covers this guide on how to unlock Gazimon in Digimon Survive. While this was a Digimon that you recruit, you should also check out some of the ones that evolve like Omegamon and MetalGreymon. And if you want to know how many of them are in this game then check out our guide on the list of all Digimon.