How To Get A Freebie In Super Mario RPG

Wondering how you can get a Freebie in Super Mario RPG? Here is everything you need to know.

Have you been spending all your in-game currency to purchase items, accessories, and special moves? Well, there is a way you can save and reuse all your items in the game. You do not need to fight any tough enemies or cross a certain level in the game in order to get a Freebie in Super Mario RPG.

Even though the process is quite simple, players have been wondering how they can earn these free rewards while playing. To know more about how Freebies work and what are the chances of you getting one, keep reading.

Super Mario RPG: How to Get a Freebie

Super Mario RPG How to Get a Freebie
Source – Nintendo of America on YouTube

Whenever you make use of a consumable item in the game, there is a slight chance of you getting a Freebie in return. This means the item you just used will perform the effect, but the same item will be restored and will show in your inventory. Therefore, you can consume it one more time, without having to purchase it again. You will realize you have received a Freebie when you see ‘Get a Freebie!’ flash across your screen.

What are the Chances of Getting a Freebie?

Most players have noticed that the chance of getting a Freebie is higher when you make use of an expensive item, for example, Croaka Cola. Apart from this, using an item that has powerful effects can also help. For example, using items like Froggie Drink and Party Energizer.

Can Timed Hits help to get more Freebies in Super Mario RPG?

Even though Timed Hits might help players deal more damage while using other attacks in the game, it will not affect the chances of you getting more Freebies.

We have covered everything you need to know about getting a Freebie in Super Mario RPG. If you are looking for more helpful guides, make sure to scroll through our Super Mario RPG section, available here on Gamer Tweak.