Best Ways To Get Fighter Currency In MultiVersus

Fighter Currency in Multiversus is needed to unlock a whole roster of WB characters. Here’s how you can accumulate plenty of this currency easily.

While you can expand your roster using real money, using Fighter Currency in Multiversus is a better way to do it. As you might have already guessed, this currency can be used to purchase brand-new WB characters. Considering the importance of Fighter Currency, you are required to grind hard to amass a decent amount of it in your wallet. But for those who desperately want to earn this currency faster, here are some methods you can follow.

How to Earn Fighter Currency in MultiVersus

Best Ways To Get Fighter Currency In MultiVersus

Below, you can find some of the best ways to quickly accumulate plenty of Fighter Currency in Multiversus:

Level Up Characters

Most of you may not have noticed it but leveling up a character rewards you with Fighter Currency. For instance, you can earn 100 Fighter Currency (or FC) after advancing a character to level 5. Similarly, 200 FC and 300 FC are credited when you rank them up to level 5 and level 14 (max level) respectively.

Complete Rifts

Rifts are PvE challenges wherein you can fight enemies to hone your skills and earn decent rewards. These rewards often include XP and Fighter Currency. To yield more of this currency, you can try completing Rifts on higher difficulties. Because the higher the risk, the higher the rewards you will get.

Complete Missions and Challenges

There are several missions and daily challenges that you can complete for a chance to earn Fighter Currency in Multiversus. Since the objectives of this kind of challenge refresh frequently, you can collect the currency for as long as it’s available.

Collect from Battle Pass

Several tiers in the Multiversus Battle Pass include rewards like Fighter Currency. They often come in huge packs so advancing through the Battle Pass is definitely worthwhile.

These are some of the best ways through which you can get a good amount of Fighter Currency in Multiversus. Besides this, there are other precious currencies like Gleamium and Prestige Points that need your attention too. So be sure to check out our separate guides on it.